Cristiano Ronaldo against UEFA, “champions go to Arabia” – Football

“It’s not like UEFA says. Not only veterans at the end of their careers come to Arabia. This year, for example, high-quality players like Jota or Ruben Neves will come. Indeed, in a few years the Saudi League will be more important than the Turkish or than the Dutch one”. Cristiano Ronaldo has no doubts and takes seriously the role of ambassador of the Arab Football League. Speaking on the sidelines from the friendly in the Algarve that his Al Nassr lost 5-0 against Celta, Vigo launched a commercial for the Saudi League.

“I won’t play in Europe again. I want to continue in Arabia as I have already said”, affirms the Portuguese before throwing a dig at his eternal rival Leo Messi who preferred the US championship to Arabia: “The USA is better? No – he said answered – In Arabia the championship is better than the MLS”.

“The Saudi League has improved and next year will be even better. Step by step it will be among the best five in the world but it needs time, players and infrastructure. But I’m sure this country has great potential and exceptional fans. Cristiano has uncovered Pandora’s box and now everyone wants to come to Arabia.”

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2023-07-18 09:22:48
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