Juanan Torres, captain of CD Ibiza Futsal: “I see myself celebrating this promotion and we must go without fear”

Juanan Torres, captain of CD Ibiza Futsal: “I see myself celebrating this promotion and we must go without fear”

This Saturday, at 6:00 p.m., at the Es Viver sports center, the CD Ibiza Futsal faces the moment of truth and plays before the island fans the dream of being able to celebrate a promotion to the Second Division B today. The challenge is enormous and it is not a trivial matter. Because, for this, the Ibizan team must overcome FS Móstoles B on the field and overcome the 3-2 result against the first leg of this final in Madrid.

The rojiblanco team faces, without a doubt, the most important match in the club’s history, a challenge that can grant them the prize and glory of enjoying promotion to Segunda B for the first time.

“We are very excited and eager for the game to arrive. We have worked all week to correct the errors that we could have made in the first leg and we are looking forward to seeing him throw the ball out”, says the Ibizan Juanan Torres, goalkeeper and captain of CD Ibiza Futsal, who assures Diario de Ibiza that he shows himself fully convinced of the comeback of his team against Móstoles B.

«The truth is that Móstoles B is a fairly competitive team. They are young people, school kids who play futsal very well and have a fairly high pace. But I am confident that we, with experience and taking advantage of the fact that we are playing at home, can turn the tie around in this game.”

In this sense, the Sant Jordi goalkeeper, who at 36 plays a fundamental role in the team when it comes to motivating his teammates from his captaincy, points out that they expect a “complicated” duel against the people of Madrid, while It advances that it will be a clash that will be resolved by “the small details.”

«They are parties that are decided by small details. I imagine that both teams will go out with a lot of respect, although we already know the rival a little more. We must be successful in front of the goal and defend well behind, since, as we saw in the first leg, Mósteles B is a rival that plays a lot and has a lot of intensity”, explains the Ibizan goalkeeper, who will have to impose his goals today Stripes and his experience lowered the sticks to become an insurmountable wall for his adversaries against the frame of the Pitiusos: «I, from behind, will try to transmit calm and tranquility. I will be organizing the team and I will try to encourage and make as few mistakes as possible. And if they are committed, then to get up and keep fighting to be able to turn the game around at any time.

Without complexes of any kind, the captain and goalkeeper of CD Ibiza Futsal considers this opportunity to be promoted as a gift that cannot be missed.

“The way the Balearic final ended was a bit dramatic for us, but then, luckily, they gave us the option of playing in the final for promotion. For us, the possibility of re-engaging in the dream of promotion is a prize. And we must go for him without fear and with all the illusion in the world that this team has to achieve it, “says Juanan Torres, while adding:” We are all very excited. And I think we have the weapons and the head to be able to turn the situation around and move it forward. I see myself celebrating this promotion because I trust my team. I know what we are capable of and I know that we are going to go out and blow up the pavilion. We have the promotion there and it only depends on us ».

Option for a double party

Regarding the option that two consecutive promotions of two Ibizan teams in futsal can be celebrated on the island, the Ibizan goalkeeper comments: «The truth is that it would be very nice if the two Ibiza teams could celebrate a promotion at the same time category in the same season. For Ibiza it would be something very important because I think we are an island of futsal, a sport that is practiced, that is followed and that people like. Having two promotions to Second A and Second B in the same year is something that here just a few years ago would be completely unthinkable. And I believe that it is something that can be given. UD Ibiza-Gasifred has a very good team and is very well worked. I think he is ready to make the leap in category and I think we are too.

Regarding the atmosphere that he expects to live this afternoon in the Es Viver pavilion, Juanan Torres points out: «I encourage the people of the island to come this Saturday to watch futsal. It’s a spectacular sport, it’s going to be a great game and we need that red tide in the stands to push us to win the game and celebrate this promotion.

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