Draymond Green’s Free Agency: Rumors and Updates as the NBA Free Agency Begins

Free agency in the NBA will start on Saturday night, and the rumor mill is already brewing. Draymond Green from the Golden State Warriors is particularly popular. You won’t miss anything in our live ticker!

This article will be continuously updated.

NBA rumours: The most important news of the day

6:31 p.m .: Suns test ex-no 4.14 p.m .: Naz Reid extends the Timberwolves 4.06 p.m .: Warriors and Draymond Green already agreed?

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James Harden can get out of his contract in the summer.

NBA Free Agency: Sixers Favorit bei Harden?

6:48 p.m .: Johnson also has the old connection with the new coach Frank Vogel, both of whom worked together at the Lakers. Also worth noting, the “Stanimal” hit 45 percent from downtown for the Spurs (but on only 40 attempts). About the career it is only 30.5 percent.

6:39 p.m .: Let’s be honest, the Suns can use almost any player. But whether Parker is the solution remains to be seen, since he is also more of a scorer. It’s a little different with Johnson, who has had some good moments with Spurs and Lakers in the past two years and could bring defense. But you can already tell: GM James Jones is not to be envied when it comes to squad planning.

6:31 p.m.: A quick look at Phoenix, who need to get creative to fill their roster. The Suns will hold a small mini-camp for free agents on Wednesday, as Chris Haynes reports. Amongst them are ex-No.2 pick Jabari Smith and Stanley Johnson, also a former top 10 pick. Parker, now 28, last played for the Boston Celtics in the 2021-22 season and was without a team last season.

6:22 p.m .: And what about James Harden now? According to Marc Stein (Substack), things may have turned and The Beard is now more likely to stay with the Sixers. Apparently there were good talks with the new head coach Nick Nurse, and Harden was “impressed” by the vision. Harden holds a $35.6 million player option, which he is expected to lapse.

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Kristaps Porzingis will play for the Boston Celtics next season.

NBA Free Agency: Jazz hatten Interesse an Porzingis

6:12 p.m.: And Utah is one of the teams that can/will have capspace. Colleague Bobby Marks (ESPN) calculated how the teams’ “spending power” looks at the moment.

Houston Rockets: 64 Mio.Indiana Pacers: 32 Mio.Detroit Pistons: 28 Mio.Orlando Magic: 22 Mio.San Antonio Spurs: 34 Mio.Utah Jazz: 26 Mio.OKC Thunder: 15 Mio.

6:03 p.m .: But let’s get back to free agency. Brian Windhorst (ESPN) reveals in his podcast that the Utah Jazz have their eye on Kyle Kuzma. Windy also confirmed that the Jazz were digging at Kristaps Porzingis before the Celtics got the nod. We conclude: Utah wants to do something on the forward positions.

5:56 p.m .: The schedule for the Summer League is now out and it is quite possible that Victor Wembanyama will appear in Las Vegas after the Frenchman canceled his participation in the World Cup. Kicking off in Sin City on July 7th, the prime time game is Spurs-Hornets, ideally Wemby vs. Brandon Miller.

5:48 p.m .: Dennis Rodman is alive and the former Bulls star has once again performed a few hot takes on VLAD TV. One quote in particular is doing the rounds at the moment. When the Worm was asked who would win in a one-on-one between Larry Bird and LeBron James (who asks that?), Rodman had this to say: “If Larry Bird had played in today’s era, he would be in Europe. He wouldn’t have stood a chance. I think this Nikola Jokic from the Nuggets is a lot better than him.” Have we cleared that up?

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NBA Free Agency: Harris dad taunts Sixers

5:36 p.m .: Bradley Beal has since said goodbye with a letter from Washington – at least temporarily. “It’s bittersweet and I don’t like the way ‘goodbye’ sounds. Let’s say ‘goodbye’.” Beal was also referring to the 160 points he’s missing from the franchise’s all-time scoring record, which still holds Elvin Hayes with 15,551 points, just ahead of Beal (15,391).By the way, Jeff Malone (11,083) rounds off the top 3. Now you can shine a bit with Wizards knowledge. Thank you. By the way, here is the complete letter!

5:27 p.m .: The forward is not bad either, his contract is still a problem. As an expiring deal, Harris can now trade better. Pompey lists six teams that are said to have registered their interest: Cavs, Pacers, Pistons, Suns, Jazz and the Maviercks. However, the Suns interest should have ended if Phoenix actually does not want to trade Ayton (see 4:53 p.m.). Since Philly already has Joel Embiid, a third team would be needed as well.

5:19 p.m .: It is not certain that Harris will still play with the Sixers next season. His monster contract expires next summer, in 2023/24 there will be another $ 39.3 million. Father and advisor Torrel Harris recently teased Philly a little on the Business of Sports podcast. “They’re not using my son properly. Tobias is a killer. You can’t stop him, nobody in the league can. He’s proven that with the Clippers.” By the way, it was 21 points per game for the clips in the 2018/19 season. A real killer is probably something else.

5:11 p.m .: What to smile about. According to Keith Pompey (Philadelphia Inquirer), the Cavs knocked in Philly about Tobias Harris and got the following counter offer. Harris is available if Cleveland sends Evan Mobley, Jarrett Allen and a first-round pick to Philadelphia in return. That sounds like a classic Daryl Morey.

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NBA Free Agency: 100 million for Cam Johnson?

5:02 p.m.: Time for a small info entry regarding the Free Agency. Here you can get an overview of the available players. Neatly sorted by position.

We’ll hand over the small wings in the course of the week. Suffice it to say: it’s not intoxicating.

4:53 p.m.: Short trip to Phoenix. Chris Haynes (Bleacher Report) wants to know that the Suns actually want to keep Deandre Ayton. It seems the center’s value is so low that the Suns aren’t getting decent value for the ex top pick. Admittedly, the center is still entitled to 32.5, 34.0 and 35.6 million dollars, which is a lot of wood for a current role player.

4:42 p.m .: With Cam Johnson, the Rockets have rather bad cards. That’s mainly because the 27-year-old winger is a restricted free agent and the Nets can take any offer accordingly. According to Brian Windhorst (ESPN), Houston and Detroit are also interested. That, of course, drives up the price, leading Windy to suspect there could be up to $100 million for Johnson over four years.

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NBA Free Agency: Brooks will über 12 Mio. Dollar

4:33 p.m .: Brooks has been repeatedly associated with Houston over the past few days and weeks. However: The question must be rather, who is not associated with the Rockets? Here is a list from Jonathan Feigen (Houston Chronicle) with alleged goals. Said to come from a source within the organization:

Khris Middleton, Brook Lopez (beide Bucks)Bruce Brown (Nuggets)Jordan Clarkson (Jazz)Rui Hachimura, Austin Reaves (beide Lakers)Cam Johnson (Nets)Donte DiVincenzo (Warriors)Jakob Pöltl (Raptors)Dwight Powell (Mavericks)

As a reminder, the Rockets have around $60 million in capspace this summer.

4:24 p.m .: By the way, the Midlevel Exception will be around $ 12.4 million in the coming season. Just for orientation. Why is this relevant now? According to Marc Stein (Substack), Dillon Brooks would like to collect more money than the MLE. The question will be who will pay for it. The only thing that is clear is that it won’t be the Grizzlies who have already distanced themselves from “Bad Boy Brooks”.

4:14 p.m .: Speaking of three years: That’s how long Naz Reid will stay with the Minnesota Timberwolves. According to Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN), the backup big prematurely extended for three more years and 42 million at Wolves, for the 2025/26 season the 23-year-old has a player option. That’s a little more than mid-level money and a good deal for Reid, we think. Last year, Reid averaged 11.5 points and 4.9 rebounds.

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NBA Free Agency: Draymond Green coveted in the west

4:06 p.m .: Now for the big but: Green doesn’t want to leave Golden State at all. According to Stein, it’s likely that Green and the Warriors will agree on a new contract. There is probably a fresh three-year contract in the room, but it is still unclear what volume was discussed.

4:01 p.m .: The other team that Stein names is the Sacramento Kings, who on draft day through the deal with Dallas (Richaun Holmes was repelled) freed up around $ 30 million in capspace, which could be enough for Green. We remember. Owner Vivek Ranadive used to be a co-owner of the Warriors, took coach Mike Brown out of the bay and also ensnared Andre Iguodala a few years ago.

3:58 p.m.: Let’s start with Draymond Green, who is one of the best free agents in this class. According to Marc Stein (Substack), the Memphis Grizzlies, who want to do everything in their power to lure the four-time champion to Tennessee, are said to be interested. Financially, this could be complicated, but according to Stein it should be possible.

3:55 p.m.: Hello everyone. Free Agency starts again on Saturday night. Reason enough to start the ticker again. Here we go!

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