Creatine or Glutamine: Which one to choose according to your goals?

If you have heard about these two amino acids, but It is difficult for you to decide which of them can bring more benefits to your health and performanceIn this post you will find all the information about these supplements.

In the sports context, each of these supplements has a unique effect and function in the body:

  • Glutamine supports recovery and immune healthespecially after intense training.
  • Creatine, on the other hand, enhances energy generation and performance in the gym.

Glutamine vs Creatine: Key Differences

Among the key differences that we can find in each article, the following stand out:

creatine glutamine
What is it? It is an organic compound produced naturally in the body and is found in meat and fish. It is a non-essential amino acid present in the human body and in protein foods.
effects Saturate ATP stores to increase available energy for performance enhancement in high-intensity exercise and promote muscle building and recovery. Helps eliminate excess ammonia, supports the functioning of the immune system and the maintenance of intestinal health.
Common use in sport Widely used to improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass. It is used to improve muscle recovery and prevent muscle breakdown during periods of intense training and to reduce physical stress.
Possible side effects May cause gastrointestinal upset at high doses (loading phase in certain people. It can cause gastrointestinal upset in high doses, but it is considered safe.
Interaction with other supplements None. None.

Glutamine Function

Glutamine is a natural amino acid that our body produces and uses to maintain a healthy immune system and support recovery after intense workouts or stressful situations.

we can found in animal proteinsso a balanced diet rich in these foods can keep your glutamine levels in good condition without the need for supplementation.

However, for those who are vegan and do not consume animal protein or have low glutamine levels due to a succession of intense workouts, glutamine supplementation may be an effective solution.

What supplement to take creatine or glutamine

Creatine function

In the world of sports, creatine plays an important role. It is one of the organic compounds that it is stored in our muscles and actively participates in the regeneration of ATPa molecule responsible for supply the fuel necessary for bodily functions.

By maintaining high levels of creatine stores, you can improve your performance since your body will be able to generate a greater amount of energy compared to when such reserves are low.

This condition is particularly advantageous in the gym, allowing athletes to execute a greater number of repetitions during their exercise routines.

Which one is better according to your objectives?

The choice between both supplements depends on the type of training and goals that you have proposed:

Aim Supplement
post workout recovery Creatine and Glutamine
athletic performance creatine
Increase muscle mass creatine
Reduce physical stress glutamine

According to type of sport

  • Glutamine is ideal for intensive training in high resistance sports such as marathon, cycling or triathlon, or strength sports, such as weightlifting and weight lifting.
  • Creatine is more suitable for strength or power sports with repetitive loads and short periods such as sprinting, weight lifting, and swimming.

If we had to choose between creatine and glutamine, At HSN we would opt for creatine due to its proven effects on performance in sports. However, we cannot rule out glutamine as it provides other benefits in muscle recovery or digestive health, also important to support sports performance.

Glutamine or Creatine supplement according to sport

Is it advisable to combine them?

There is some fear among endurance athletes when combining creatine and glutamine, due to the fear of experiencing excessive muscle development. However, this combination can be extremely beneficial in improving your performance.

It is important remember that no nutritional supplement will lead to muscle hypertrophy without the support of proper diet and training. Therefore, runners, athletes, cyclists and other athletes can take advantage of these supplements without experiencing unwanted muscle growth.

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