The Tennis Club Beyssac-Virazeil in the spotlight

During the awards, the Tennis Club Beyssac-Virazeil (TCBV) was widely honored thanks to the victories of Fabien Fournier in men’s singles, Séverine Bacalerie in women’s singles, Morgane Da Ros in women’s consolation and Mathieu Granier in men’s singles 4e series.

Thanks to the efficiency of Mathieu Labarchède, referee, and the club’s volunteers, the tournament was able to take place in good conditions despite the capricious weather in the first week. “All the matches could not have taken place on time without the precious help of the neighboring clubs of Marmande and Sainte-Bazeille, who made their facilities available to us. To all of them, we say a big thank you,” says Nicole Lanine, member of the club office.

The afternoon ended with a convivial aperitif which brought together the winners for the award ceremony.

2023-06-01 09:17:37
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