Basket Under 19 Silver, Cogoleto wins the battle with Vado and conquers the regional final

A team well into its last year in the youth championships could not ask for better – before moving on to the seniors – than to qualify, for the first time in its history and after having missed it last year, for the category final after two real sporting battles won with full merit.
After qualifying for the semifinals in the third match against Spezia, the boys of Cogoleto basketball found themselves facing a very hard rock, the Pallacanestro Vado. Despite in regular season the Vadesi had placed themselves behind Cogoleto, in the last month they have strengthened themselves – with the clear intention of winning the under 19 Silver championship – with an authentic piece of 90: the Montenegrin national under 17 Josovic, athlete with 30 points average and many rebounds, thanks to his height of more than 190 cm.
The underdogs at this point were all for the Vadesis but the boys from Cogoleto unleashed two capital tests that saw them overcome, with a great spirit of sacrifice and abnegation, the boys of coach Roganovic. Series therefore archived prematurely and with full merit and final conquered.
The key to Cogoleto’s victory was undoubtedly the defensive phase, with the tandem Razeti and Torre L. who limited the Josovic mouth with an asphyxiating mark; the collaboration of the other teammates in the doubling of marking forced Pallacanestro Vado to rely on the other players for conclusions. Winning move that allowed Cogoleto to suffer around 60 points per game, while Vado had to suffer the broadsides of Razeti, Bruzzone, Zoppi L. and his companions who allowed coach Pollari’s team to close to 70 points in both games.

A true tactical technical masterpiece but above all of the heart which will allow the Under 19 boys of Cogoleto to play the final against New Basket ABC Ponente, a strong and square team. But the Cogo basketball boys have shown great character and will want to close their long experience (six years with the 2004/2005 levers) with the regional category title.

Scoreboards :
Zoppi L 15, Briasco, Torre F 3, Calcagno 7, Razeti 20, Ottonello ne, Avolio, Piras ne, Torre L 9, Badano 4, Bruzzone 10, Zoppi S
Coach Pollari

2023-06-01 10:32:53
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