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At the end of June, the ongoing Olympic qualification for the 2024 Summer Games in Paris will be half-time. From then on, the points count fully – i.e. 100 instead of the previous 50 percent. For Austria, a team of five wants to take the opportunity to write again at the Grand Prix in Dushanbe (TJK/6/2 – 4/6, preliminary rounds from 07:00 CET, final block from 14:00).

The ÖJV squad, Friday, 1st day of competition, -48 kg: Katharina Tanzer (SU Noricum Leibnitz/ST/set as number 6), -60: Marcus Auer (Creativ Graz/ST); Saturday, -63: Magdalena Krssakova (JC Sirvan/W/5), Lubjana “Lulu” Piovesana (LZ Hohenems/V/6), -73: Lukas Reiter (JC Wimpassing Sparkasse/Lower Austria).

Head coach Yvonne Snir-Bönisch and Amjad Karimyan are present as supervisors. A total of 315 judoka from 40 nations will start in Tajikistan’s capital. At the GP in Linz there were 455 starters from 72 nations.

2023-06-01 10:25:48
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