WC hockey 2023 | HOCKEY WC: The Czechs initially won, the defending champions started with a defeat. Canada has taken off

The Czech hockey players, in the roles of bronze medalists, lost twice to the Slovaks, but Lukáš Sedlák turned the game around with two goals. All the goals were scored in the opening period, Sedlák scored the decisive one in a five-minute power play when Mislav Rosandič was sent off.

At home, the Finns were eager to start their title defense on the right foot. Coach Jukka Jalonen’s big-name team with 16 world champions and 11 Olympic champions was leading the Americans in the middle of the match, but the overseas team equalized in the middle part and turned the game around with three goals in the third period.

Editing of the World Cup match Finland – USAVideo: Czech television

The second home team of Latvia did not fare well either. The quest for a sensation against Canada began to take its toll after 52 seconds, when they conceded for the first time. The Baltic team didn’t even get started by changing the goalkeeper at 0:2. The Canadians played very comfortably and added one goal after another and in the end presented themselves with by far the most sovereign entry into the tournament.

If Canada wins the World Cup, it has a chance to win the 28th title and break away from Russia (including the USSR) in the historical table.

Montage of the Latvia – Canada WC matchVideo: Czech television

The Swedes have been waiting for a medal from the World Cup since 2018 and are eager to break the bitter fast. But they had a lot to worry about against the tenacious Germans, in the end a single goal at the beginning of the third period was enough for them to win.

Compilation of the World Cup match Sweden – GermanyVideo: Czech television

The editorial team will offer fans regular coverage of the Czech team’s matches during the World Hockey Championship. In the studio, a selected expert from among hockey personalities and the editor of will discuss the given match with the moderator. Studio Příklep extra will always start fifty minutes before the initial throw-in.
Hockey World Championship:
Group A (Tampere):
Finland – USA 1:4
Branky: 17. Hartikainen – 34. Gauthier, 50. O’Connor, 53., 60. Tuch
Sweden – Germany 1:0
Goals: 42. Lindberg
Group B (Riga):
Czech Republic – Slovakia 3:2
Goals: 7. Červenka, 14. and 19. Sedlák – 5. Chromiak, 11. Rosandič
Latvia – Canada 0:6
Goals: 1. Crouse, 5. Laughton, 29. Weegar, 36. Blais, 54. Veleno, 56. McBain


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