Real Madrid: Mendy’s ‘hole’

Mendy has tiptoed through the season. Two practically consecutive muscle injuries ruined it. He fell on January 26 in the Cup derby and he could no longer get up, except to play three inconsequential games with the League already resolved. A painful baja for Ancelottiwhich lost to a pillar of his gala defense.

The sporting ‘hole’ that Mendy has left Madrid has accused him, especially in the League. Since his arrival, if something has characterized the team, it is that At a defensive level it has been one with the Frenchman and another without him. Mendy is not only a ‘starter’, but Madrid with him is safer and more winning. Losing him has been a blow and one of the reasons for the nosedive in the domestic championship: 76% of victories in the first 17 days with Mendy and 55% of victories in the 20-day stretch in which he ‘disappeared’ due to injury.

Without Mendy, Ancelotti has not found a substitute for guarantees. In fact, his absence has uncovered a problem. It seemed that Madrid had it under control with alternatives like Praise and Nachobut the reality has been that the technician preferred to experiment with Camavingaa formula that did not always go well. The young Frenchman has played up to 16 starting games as a wingerwell above those of Praise and Nacho.

future in the air

The test for Camavinga and Mendy: who dances better? Who hits the ball harder?

The injuries are Mendy’s Achilles heel. This season there have been two that have left him 90 days out of combatbeing the Madrid player who most games missed due to injury: 24. The previous three seasons he had not escaped physical problems either, accumulating 277 days off. A problem that could be one of the club’s arguments for thinking about a renewal of French that does not finish taking place despite his status as ‘incumbent’.

Because Mendy’s other ‘hole’ is the one that refers to His future in Madrid, which is not at all clear. The Frenchman has two more seasons left on his contract, until 2025, but He has been chasing a renewal for some time that has not yet arrived and that does not guarantee its continuity. Without renewing, it is a strategic moment to consider transferring to French if a good offer arrives. Madrid has covered itself with the addition of Fran García, but if Mendy were to leave, it is likely that the club would have to go to the market to reinforce a position in which he has shown deficiencies this season.

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