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Adrian Bonilla

The Boston Red Sox’s Dominican slugger, Rafael Devers, is carrying the offensive role of his team during this 2023 Major League Baseball campaign.Adverts

Devers is having a very productive season in all offensive aspects of the game. Aside from his solidity at hitting home runs, the third baseman has established himself as a skilled hitter when it comes to making contact.

With two outs announced on the electronic, “Carita” managed to make contact with a four-seamer fastball that traveled to the plate at 93mph.

The connection went between the floor and the right field wall. This action allowed the scoring of both teammates who were in circulation, at first and third base respectively.

With this line, Rafael Devers officially reached 29 RBIs to establish himself among the best drivers in all of Major League Baseball.

In addition, the Dominican reached eight doubles during this regular season in 32 official games to date.

Devers is averaging .236 on 30 hits, 10 of which were home runs.

Below is Rafael Devers’ RBI hit:

2023-05-05 03:38:20
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