Lennard Kämna’s Giro ends in a top 10 full of invisibility

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Lennard Kämna’s Giro ends in a top 10 full of invisibility

The other day, around the Giro d’Italia, on the Biciescapa podcast, I talked about the Giro d’Italia that Lennard Kämna was taking shape, in the top ten with a week to go.

Already in Rome, we see that Kämna has managed to keep such a valuable positionninth at the end, in a performance that, as he himself admits, has left him very satisfied.

in the balance, the fight for that place has left us without one of the most appreciated cyclists in the pelotonone of those professionals who can make you a stage monument in the midst of tedium and boredom, one of the types, as I say in the headline, with the most instinct in the peloton.

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In this Giro he has focused on the square, that position in the general that almost all the cyclists you interview place you as their great illusion.

Of course Achieving that place carries the toll of giving up breakaways and fighting in stagesor what is the same to its share of prominence.

And that’s what Kämna has done, go for the position, depriving us of a huge cyclist

A year ago I wrote this about Lennard Kämna at the Giro:

With him, we remember uncorrupted cyclists over time and memory, of those hunters who knew that when they entered the breakaway, the others could be screwed.

When Juanpe opened fire on Mount Etna and came to dream not only of the jersey, but also of the stage, we all knew that of the cut that was chasing him, the important wheel was that of Kämnaand there were no cripples in that escapade, among others, another fine-nosed, Rein Taaramae.

He connected that victory on Etna with the one he achieved in a place as powerful for the Tour as Villard de Lans, days after doing the same in Dauphiné.

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Kämna masterfully managed the times that day against an excellent and unleashed Richard Carapazin a finish with his crumb, uphill and flat to the finish line, he took a few seconds at the top of the last stop, to propose an impossible time trial until the end.

That day the German showed a sense of smell that he has managed to maintain on some more occasions, few, but interesting, enough to talk about one of those runners who is a great pleasure to watch compete.

He is only 25 years old, stages in Giro and Tour, also in Dauphiné and Volta, I don’t know if he will go further, if he will bet on generals, if he doesn’t here we have an Erik Dekker, a Pablo Lastras, a Simon Gerransrunners who may look very different on paper, but have in common an instinct that you could only admire.

All that we told about Kämna a year ago we have not seen this one.

remember when Kuss told us that he would rather go day by day, fight in stages and help the leader than look for eighth place..

What the American thinks is not common to many and will continue to be so.

Each rider is very much the owner of what he does and wants, there would be more, but as a spectator anything that is not trusting everything to a position in the general is the best.

In addition to the itch to be among the best in a big one, there is the need for points and rankings, a system as necessary as it is poisoned that is one of the great evils of current cycling.

Imagen: © BORA – hansgrohe / SprintCycling

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