Alderete takes Getafe out of relegation against an inoperative Betis

A goal from the Paraguayan defender German Alderete has given the victory this Wednesday to the Getafe at Benito Villamarín and has taken him out of the relegation places against a Betis inoperative that has not managed to certify its qualification for the Europa League and that crashed again and again before the defensive network of José Bordalás’ men.

The duel has been locked and marked by the numerous inaccuracies by both teams until the Paraguayan central defender achieved the most difficult thing up to that moment, unbalancing in a decisive section in which the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini’s men were conditioned by the expulsion for Direct red card from Argentine Germán Pezzella in the 78th minute.

Both contenders arrived at the match with conflicting objectives, Betis for seal their European qualification for the third consecutive year and Getafe, approaching salvation, urged on by Valladolid’s victory against Barcelona (3-1) and spurred on by Cádiz’s defeat at Villarreal (2-0), which placed them three points behind both.

With these objectives, both coaches, Chilean Manuel Pellegrini and José Bordalás, went out respectively to Benito Villamarín with the changes of Juanmi Jiménez, Brazilian Willian José, Mexican Andres Guardado and Aitor Ruibal, on the betic part, and Cristian Portuguese ‘Portu ‘ and Jaime Mata, for the blue.

Getafe suffered their first setback in minute 7 with the accidental right knee injury to Turkish striker Enes Unalhis main offensive argument and scorer of 14 of the 31 goals for the Madrid team, who set up a game of intense pressure from the beginning and very close lines to cancel out the offensive capacity of the Verdiblancos, who crashed time and again against the network of bordalas.

The minutes passed between inaccuracies and numerous balls divided in the center of the field and, together with a distant shot from Betis by Sergio Canales, Getafe’s first chance came in the 20th minute on a ball that the Argentine Germán Pezzella prevented Jaime Mata from finishing off with a header after a cross from the right.

A distant shot at minute 29 by Aitor Ruibal, cleared by David Soria, was Betis’ first free shot, which could not find a way to break the spider web woven by Bordalás, who tried unsuccessfully to extract oil from corner kicks and some than another lateral center against a thick Betis and without solutions despite an inane possession.

Only a final stretch led to an opportunity for Ayoze Pérez to pass from Aitor Ruibal that the Uruguayan Damián Suárez frustrated in the small area.

The second half started with a connection between Willian José and Ayoze Pérez that sacked Soria on the occasionn, until then, clearer of a game that began to open up on the Betic side with approaches by players like Sergio Canales or Juanmi Jiménez, all saved by the Numantine defense of those from Bordalás.

Getafe, forced to go by the game, began to leave gaps that Canales took advantage of above all to create chances such as a header from Ayoze that narrowly missed, although the general trend was still marked by Getafe’s urgencies that made the effort bético almost always crashed on the shore.

A service from the corner taken by Luis Milla was headed unstoppably by the Paraguayan Omar Alderete in the 68th minute and put Bordalás’ men ahead, who from that moment made the result a matter of faith before a Betis forced to change and go to turn the result around.

Joaquín, Rodri and Borja Iglesias were the bets of Manuel Pellegrini in the final stretch of the match, in which the expulsion of the Argentine Germán Pezzella in a dangerous game action against Portu once again conditioned, as has been the case this season, the plans of the Chilean technician.

From there, they always played what Getafe wanted as the minutes passed, with some Betic approach that, time and again, crashed against a team that guarded the oxygen cylinder that Alderete had given them and that allowed them to add his seventh point of the last twelve possible.

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