Willy’s messages to COPE colleagues about his simulated cancer

Stupor and disbelief continue around the fraud of a journalist against the ‘Game Time’ team of Cadena COPE. Willy Valades he would have cheated his colleagues of more than 16,000 euros a week simulating a fake cancer that needed an expensive experimental therapy, news advanced by El Confidencial that now brings to light some of the messages he sent to his friends.

The journalist used to send his colleagues texts to inform them about the treatment that he was following to subdue the aggressive brain tumor that he claimed to have. In it last post willy assured: “Today is the third week that no further metastases have developed in any bone. The doctors have told me that it is great news because of how the tumor is behaving since the metastasis began to develop in November. ¡¡¡How not to be happy!!! now comes the European Cup, which is the Madrid’s comebacksspring, summer and above all being able to return to the radio… in short, continue with more desire for Life than ever. Go for it!!”.

When Willy started writing messages to your support groupdemanded that of collaborators of the collective will be left out. The reason? They “gave him bad vibes,” according to inside sources.

These are some excerpts edited by El Confidencial from Willy’s messages to his companions:

July 29, 2022: “The core of the tumor has gone from 1.6 to 1.9. And the width, from 5.1 to 5.5. The loss of hand strength has gone up to 40%… The doctors tell me that the tumor It grows because it is alive… Let’s see the glass half full… To continue in the fight and not lose faith.”

November 2, 2022: “We have removed a millimeter from the tumor… I fail more than Atlético in Europe” “Hello! GOOD NEWS: we have removed 1 millimeter from the tumor… Anything that is to reduce size is extraordinary news. And more in these moments for all the failures that I have. Because I’ve been failing more than him for a few weeks Atlético in Europe. Today’s session was session 27 out of the 50 that I have scheduled (some more may be needed). So we are already halfway there. Since doctors are cracksproton therapy works and your generosity and support is fundamental… I can only follow you thanking everyone and everything”.

November 10, 2022: “Doctors don’t lie to you and they tell you the whole truth: the tumor is very aggressiveIt is more than proven. But they have also made it clear to me that they are going to kill him with protons… Of course it would have been better not have metastasis, not having a tumor… but now there are no regrets. Only the solutions are valid. And we have the solution: I am in the best place, in the best hands and I have you. I can pay for the protons thanks to Paco, Lama and Xuáncar. No matter how many eggs I threw at it, it would be useless without it. It is not to reassure you: I am very strong, because We’re going to win for sure…”

November 17, 2022: “…There are several cells with metastases right on the right leg in the bone area that joins the leg with the gluteus… The proton therapy is going to kill the bug… More we will value and enjoy when let’s kill the bug. Meanwhile I will continue enjoying Life as we like to do. That even if the day is cloudy and it rains… spring and summer will come with the sun and the beach.

December 27, 2022: “Hellooooo! Great news: IT’S DISAPPEARED THE METASTASIS OF THE LEG!!!! They have needed six sessions to end it. It is true that the leg is where there were fewer cells with metastases, but there are no more. So it’s to be super happy… And I already have a more fluent conversation and I am recovering my memory (which I don’t know if it’s good anymore, because sometimes living in ignorance is not bad… Ha ha ha ha ha ha)”.

Hundreds of thousands of euros

valadesa classic of COPE Sportstold his classmates last summer that needed to pay for a very expensive experimental treatment. His teammates, through a bonus that COPE distributes to Sports, They paid for the treatment. There were dozens of payments of 10,000 to 15,000 euros for weeks. several hundred of thousands of euros spent in total… in an alleged scam. Valadés did not want any of his colleagues from COPE accompany him to the sessions, which supposedly took place in the University Clinic of Navarra (Madrid)one of the few places in Spain that have the proton therapy treatment against cancer, a more advanced form of radiotherapy that is much more precise and with less toxicity to the patient. Every week since then, the journalist has sent messages to his support group at COPE about the treatment.

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