Sporting conveys to the referees its concern about the use of VAR

Sporting contacted the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) in the last hours to express their concern with the goal annulled by the VAR to Campuzano in the 98th minute of the match played last Sunday against Alavés and that would have given a valuable victory to those of Ramírez, as LA NUEVA ESPAÑA advanced yesterday in its digital edition.

In Mareo they have studied the action in detail and assessed what was the best way to respond to a decision –that of the VAR– that has caused a huge stir in the world of football and that has been very controversial in substance and forms for the time that It took time to point out Aitor’s alleged offside (five minutes of uncertainty while the action was reviewed). But also due to the lack of clarity that is perceived in the images offered by the VAR, which do not provide any certainty about the exact position of Aitor when he contacts the ball fourteen seconds before Campuzano sent the ball into the net.

The frozen image does not allow us to see exactly if the Andalusian striker is more advanced than Duarte, Alavés’ central defender, and who was covering Campuzano at that time. The action was made more strange by the reaction of Quintero González, the main judge, who was not able to give explanations to the Sporting players and coaches on the same field, despite being in permanent contact with Prieto Iglesias, VAR referee. Also, as Miguel Ángel Ramírez revealed, several members of Alavés dropped that the goal should have gone up on the scoreboard. After assessing different performances, Sporting refused to make a public statement, as Ponferradina did after they had a goal disallowed in Burgos. In Las Palmas, in addition, David Guerra already reflected his discomfort publicly with the VAR decision to whistle a Cali penalty that meant the Canarian draw. On social networks, the club expressed its stupor throughout Sunday afternoon with ironic messages, one with the wiring, which failed during the match. The rojiblanco club advocated yesterday for reestablishing communications with the CTA. Restore, because after the match against Las Palmas some contacts had already been made. Even David Guerra traveled to Madrid to have a meeting with the CTA, who gave their explanations about the intervention of the VAR to assign a penalty to Cali. Communications between the Sporting management and the CTA are common. And the relationship, respectful and cordial. Curiously, the referees of the First and Second Division met yesterday due to the strong criticism that the sector has received in recent weeks, also punctuated by the “Negreira case”.

Campuzano raises his arms against Quintero González after disallowing his goal, on Sunday at El Molinón. |M. Lion

fourteen seconds. The controversy begins fourteen seconds before the action ends in a goal, which has caused confusion for many fans who initially thought that the offside indicated by the VAR belonged to Campuzano or Rivera, both in clearly legal positions in the final moments. of the occasion. At that moment, Aitor García, overwhelmed by the defender Tenaglia, receives the ball from Pablo Insua, who starts the rojiblanco attack. When the Andalusian striker controls the ball, there is another Alavés player (Duarte, number 3) who is in a very similar position, but visibility is very fair.

This player is covered by Víctor Campuzano, whom he covers. The image projected by the VAR, they maintain in Mareo, is very confusing, so it seems very difficult to determine whether or not there is offside. It is not possible to see with precision if the legs of the Alavés defender are ahead of the rojiblanco attacker or not. Of course, the two are very close. For the VOR room, Aitor is centimeters ahead of Duarte. The VAR takes five minutes to review the play and draw lines. Later, another action begins, and the ball goes through up to four players before being scored: Cote, Jordan Carrillo, Rivera, who plays first, until the ball reaches Campuzano, who scores.

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