‘Leo Castro should be ashamed’

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The albiazul striker simulated a foul that led to the expulsion of Andrés Cadavid, from Medellín.

Andrés Cadavid and Leonardo Castro.
Photo: Nestor Gomez | TIME

Millonarios beat Independiente Medellín 2-1 and regained the lead in the BetPlay I-2023 League. The ambassador came back in El Campín thanks to the idea of ​​Alberto Gamero, the genius of Daniel Cataño, the goals of Óscar Cortés and Jáder Valencia, and the expulsion of Andrés Cadavid in the DIM.

Referee Alexis Hinestroza left the powerful with one man less by taking a second yellow card from Cadavid, leader of the DIM defense, in a controversial playsince in the television transmission it is seen that the defender did not attack striker Leonardo Castro.

So, not everything was applause for Millionaires for his victory and leadership. There was also strong criticism from journalist Jorge Bermúdez in his YouTube space.


soccer trivia

Referee Hinestroza hurt Medellín with the expulsion of Cadavid”, indicated the panelist from ESPN. However, his strongest comment was for the albiazul striker, Lenardo Castro, for simulating.

“Leo Castro behaved like a bad soccer colleague. Castro, you should be ashamed and sorry with your professional colleagues, for what you did. They didn’t even touch you, you threw yourself to the floor simulating a foul that didn’t exist, and you made a colleague kick out. Bad, very bad, “said Bermúdez.

And about the judge he added: “Well, we cannot expect anything else from Hinestroza, because he is a very bad referee.”

(See from 1:26 to 2:23)

Later in his opinion and analysis column, Jorge Bermúdez once again attacked Castro for causing the arbitration error and harming Medellín, with a lack of collegiality.

“The bad referee Hinestroza appeared to ‘shit’ everything, because he threw it all away,” said Bermúdez, who later described the play between Cadavid and Castro: “castro jumped and it wasn’t even a mistake.”

“First, the referee’s blunder, who is blind and cannot see; second, the VAR was silent; and a shame about Castro, lack of collegiality and respect for football and the game is terrible. You can’t make a colleague fired like that”, the ‘Pattern’ was downloaded.

Bermúdez added: “Castro faked a kick that he (Cadavid) never gave him, because he didn’t even touch him. He’s a cheater, that’s ugly, Castro. If I were you, I would have gotten up and told the referee, ‘he didn’t touch me, take the yellow away from him’”.

(See from 11:28 to 14:22)


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