Aran Mare Akita lost 53-81 to Chanson Cosmetics. One step back from the battle to advance to the playoffs (PO), where the top eight can compete. Nian Ndi Kumba (24) from Ichinoseki Gakuin (Iwate), who became a triumphant match, scored 5 points and 5 rebounds in the longest 14 minutes of participation this year.

Because I was serious, I felt even more frustrated. A crushing defeat in Ichinoseki City, the land of memories spent three years in high school. Kumba greeted him at the post-fight ceremony, but he was speechless and unable to speak. While his juniors who rushed to cheer him on looked on, applause of encouragement erupted, and he squeezed out these words.

“I wanted to show my juniors a good basketball performance.

Due to injury, he left the court for the last time against ENEOS in November last year, and returned to the match against Niigata in January. On this day, he appeared in the longest 14 minutes this year and showed his improvement.

In the first match of the “Tohoku 4-game series” that can’t be defeated, 7 players succumbed to the tenacity of the opponent who fought through for 40 minutes. Head coach Yujiko Kojima (55) said, “The play wasn’t bad, but the feeling of ‘I can’t lose, I don’t want to lose’ over there and the desire to win on this side showed in the accuracy of the play and the strength of the ball. ”. The 3P of the scoring source is 5 out of 29, and the success rate is low at 17.2%. The defense was attacked on the inside, giving away 24 free throws and leading by 23 points at the end of the third quarter.

I want to prevent a losing streak by all means for a come-from-behind PO from 9th place. Yuki Takano (23), who played against Parei Ruseaneheirala Noriko (23), who was in the same class at Tokyo Medical and Health University, said, “I could feel her friends working hard on the court, so she didn’t try hard either.” Haha,” he swore in revenge. The home match against Toyota Boshoku on the 11th and 12th next week will be the last home match of the season. “I want to fight hard one game at a time so that I can show everyone in Akita a victory.” We can’t let this breakthrough season end.[Koji Aizawa]