TrashTalk Award – S05 E07: Dillon Brooks really picked up, didn’t he?

The NBA is never the last to bring its share of verbal protrusions of all kinds between its various protagonists. And inevitably, count on us to identify them as often as possible, because without being too first degree, we are fond of these muscular duels. So, who do you think is the biggest mouth of the moment?

The previous edition of the TrashTalk Award was won by this air conditioner by Tyrese Haliburton, otherwise how are you, Patoche?

Candidate # 1: the Warriors are after the Grizzlies but especially after Dillon Brooks

For the past few years, the rivalry has been in full swing between the long-toothed Grizzlies who aspire to go higher and higher, and the Warriors, defending champions and who have had a small dynasty recently according to our memories. However, not enough to curb the ardor of Dillon Brooks who continues to chamber as soon as he has the slightest opportunity. The latest being a 133-119 win over GS. The league’s most hated full-back is out of the box.

“I have a lot of real estate in San Francisco.”

Except that Klay Thompson does not hear it that way, neither one nor two, the 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2022 champion slips not one but two to his counterpart, just to restore the hierarchy between the two men. Remind everyone that Dillon Brooks has not accomplished anything folichon at present in the NBA, and that the latter’s record is still pretty empty compared to that of Killa Klay.

“I don’t care about Dillon Brooks. When he retires, I don’t think anyone will ever talk about Dillon Brooks again. I promise you. It’s cute for now, but wait 10 years.”

The squabble between the Warriors and Dillon Brooks is therefore far from over…

Candidate # 2: Kyrie Irving makes a jersey swap with Dillon Brooks… without recovering his jersey

What’s worse is that the Memphis Watchdog seems to be like that with more or less everyone. It is also the Mavericks who have recently tasted the player’s provocations. On a lay-up in traffic, the Canadian gratifies us with an incredible celebration (for which he will receive a technique, his 16th of the season, and therefore a suspension match).

But, you probably see it coming, Dillon Brooks has been caught up in that delightful patrol that is karma. While he wants to make the famous jersey swap at the end of the match with Kyrie Irving, after the victory of Memphis against Dallas on March 21 on the score of 112 to 108, Uncle Drew actually gives his jersey to Brooks, but does not take the struggles to recover his opponent’s jersey and immediately turns back. Which gives rise to a great moment of loneliness, and a new return of karma for number 24.

Candidate #3: Nerves are tense in Dallas

Still, nerves are strained in Dallas. The team is doing badly and has even left the qualifying places for the play-in. Mayonnaise is struggling to take between Luka and Kyrie and it’s starting to tighten the derche among the Texans. Luka Doncic, as usual, showed his frustration with the referees during a match against the Warriors. A dubious call? A mobile screen not whistled? A mandal passed over in silence? We do not know what prompted the Slovenian to make this gesture insinuating that the refereeing body was bribed, but he was very upset.

Worse still, after a rather disgraceful loss to the Hornets (the first, as there will be a second back-to-back), boos descended from the spans of the American Airlines Center. Kyrie, who always knows how to be appreciated by fans wherever he goes, sent a very nice little statement against the fans of his new team.

As a reminder, he has only been a member of the Mavericks for about a month and a half, and 16 games played under his new colors. Big atmosphere say so.

Candidate # 4: Bennedict Mathurin heats up with OG Anunoby, then gets revenge perfectly

Bennedict Mathurin is a rookie, but he is not afraid of anyone, he has already proven it by saying that LeBron James was going to have to show that he is stronger than him (in our humble opinion, it is already done) . The Montreal native recently got heated with OG Anunoby during a game against the Raptors, and as MJ would say in The Last Dance, Mathurin took it personally. We see the two players exchanging words and being on the verge of making a forehead against forehead before being separated, but it is the continuation which will be important.

The Canadian full-back said he will keep his energy to play and push himself, which probably helps justify his great season which should reward him with a place in the Rookie 1st Team. In addition, Mathurin saw red when the English winger went on the lay-up on the counterattack. Neither one nor two, he sends a big pancake on Anunoby who still has to reason in the Scotiabank Arena. Yes, Bennedict Mathurin is a rookie, but don’t overheat him either.

Candidate # 5: little Joel Embiid is asked to welcome the Nuggets

It’s a fact: Joel Embiid has not faced Nikola Jokic in Denver since 2019, so inevitably, in the Rockies, it sucks a little. Many fans are trolling the Cameroonian pivot, saying he is afraid to face the reigning double MVP when playing at home. Each time, an injury seems to spoil the party, and even if Embiid rolled Jokic by putting down 47 points and 18 rebounds in Philadelphia, it’s been a while since we’ve seen him in the Mile High City.

The signs to winnow the absence of JoJo, as well as his prize list are therefore legion at the Ball Arena. This valve is double-edged. Certainly, Nuggets fans can say that Embiid has not stepped on their floor for 4 years. However, the last time he played the Joker, it was effectively butchery. Either way, Joel Embiid’s return to Denver should be watched closely

Bonus candidate: Patrick Beverley… still manure!

Here is the big loser of our last edition, who made sure to multiply his chances of being the winner of this one and to achieve a comeback. And to do this, Patoche killed two birds with one stone, first of all by daring to make the “too small” sign to LeBron James when he scored a basket on his nose.

But also, he revived his rivalry with Russell Westbrook, which was somewhat extinguished while the two Zouaves played for the Lakers. Since then, Pat Bev has joined the Bulls and the Brodie has signed with the neighbors of the Clippers, and when the two teams clashed, the naturalness quickly returned to a gallop, and this from the first seconds of the match.

A “rock the baby” like in the good old days, when the match had started 32 seconds ago, thanks to you guys for existing.

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