Everything that is known about the next match of the Argentine team | After the victories against Curacao and Panama

After Argentina’s 7-0 win over Curaçao in it Unique Mother of Cities Stadium of Santiago del Estero —con Messi’s goals by 3, Nicolás González, Enzo Fernández, Di María and Montiel— Queries increased about when will be the next match of the Selection.

Friendly vs. Panama and Curaçao

Without major shocks Argentina won 2-0 against Panama and 7 to 0 before curacao within the framework of the friendly that the National Team played in this close FIFA, in what were the first matches of those led by Lionel Scaloni after winning the World Cup Qatar 2022. The tactical rigor of the Panamanians made things more difficult for the Albicelestebut the people of Curaçao were no match for the Selectionwhich from the beginning marked the enormous differences that exist between both teams.

Beyond what was strictly football, the matches served for the fans to enjoy the World Champions and vice versa, with party before, during and after the 90 minutes of play.

When will Argentina play again?

Given the expectation generated by each presentation of the Argentine national team Queries multiplied about when he will play again. Beyond the rumors about a possible friendly against Bangladeshall that is known is that The next FIFA date (national team matches) is between June 12 and 25, but There is no day, venue or rival confirmed for the Scaloneta.

The version of a tour for Asia, so the other rival of that FIFA date would be from the same continent. This friendly tour will be the last before the start of the Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup which will be held in Mexico, United States and Canada. Another option that they slipped from the AFA is to face USA y Mexicowho would have offered to agree on those meetings.

Fixture of Argentina for the CONMEBOL Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup

  • vs. Ecuador September 2023 (Local), closes 1

  • vs. Bolivia September 2023 (Away), Date 2

  • vs. Paraguay October 2023 (Local), closes 3

  • vs. Peru October 2023 (Away), Date 4

  • vs. Uruguay November 2023 (Local), closes 5

  • vs. Brazil November 2023 (Visitor), Date 6

  • vs. Chile September 2024 (Local), closes 7

  • vs. Colombia September 2024 (Visitor), Date 8

  • vs. Venezuela October 2024 (Visitor), Date 9

  • vs. Bolivia October 2024 (Local), Closes 10

  • vs. Paraguay November 2024 (Visitor), Date 11

  • vs. Peru November 2024 (Local), Closes 12

  • vs. Uruguay March 2025 (Visitor), Date 13

  • vs. Brazil March 2025 (Local), Closes 14

  • vs. Chile June 2025 (Visitor), Date 15

  • vs. Colombia June 2025 (Local), Closes 16

  • vs. Venezuela September 2025 (Local), closes 17

  • vs. Ecuador September 2025 (Visitor), Date 18

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