Nicolás Otamendi will ask for custody of his daughter after confronting his ex: “He is very angry”

In recent days it has been revealed that Yanina Varela, a former partner of Nicholas Otamendihad denounced the footballer for not paying what corresponded to him as alimony.

According to Morena’s mother, Otamendi spends only 0.16% of what would correspond to him in food. In the midst of the scandal, Socios del espectaculo revealed exclusively that Nicolás installed a legal muzzle on his ex so that he does not speak publicly about the subject.

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It was Mariana Brey who provided extra details about the case: “Based on what we reported here in Socios, a person in common to both tells me that Otamendi is very angry and that he is denying much of what is being said”.

He defined it to me as a “great father” who spends money from day one and that what was said is only for food, but that Yanina does not contemplate extra expenses, such as the party for 15 that he paid for. He takes 100% care of his daughter and they also tell me that her ex, although he does not define her as an ex, she never workedBrey stressed.

Finally, he focused on the determination that Nicolás Otamendi took after this meeting with Yanina Varela: “For these and several other reasons, They confirm that he is going to legally ask for custody of his daughter”.



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