Soccer: Jankto, coming out for me and then to help others – Soccer

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 31 – “I came out first for myself and then to help others. How much have I thought about it? I knew it from an early age, but you tend to say ‘I can continue in some way’. Let’s say that the football world is a bit homophobic, I’ve said it many times and we all know it, but it came to me suddenly, it wasn’t something planned. It came to me like this and I’m not sorry I did it. I can finally do what I want and I’m very happy.” Jakub Jankto, Sparta Prague player, ex Udinese and Sampdoria, interviewed by Sky TG24 returned to talk about his decision.

“I certainly won’t name names, but there are other gay footballers. There were, there are and there will be. That’s how it is. I’ve received messages – he added – I don’t expect them to come out now too, but perhaps my example can help them, maybe in the future they will think ‘I can do it too’ “.

Jankto had a son with his now ex-girlfriend and is currently not romantically committed, but “in my opinion if two people love and care for each other, they can easily take care of the children, perhaps giving a better example than many mothers and fathers because there are always the bad examples, where the parents don’t behave”. (HANDLE).