Qatar does not trust United

He arrived on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. and nothing was known about the new round of offers for Manchester United, despite the fact that those were the established date and deadline. Well, yes, it was assumed that an extension has occurred because the offers did not arrive on timesomething incredible for a movement of such magnitude.

The reality is that the last hours before the ‘deadline’ were absolute chaos. Despite the fact that the two most powerful suitors remain interested – Jim Ratcliffe, owner of INEOS, and Sheikh Jassim, banker who heads the way for Qatar – the exorbitant price that the Glazers are asking for transferring the whole or part of the club is slowing everything down. . As has been known, the current American owners would be valuing the club at more than 6,000 million euros.

Glazer Strategy

The price is very high, much more than what the buyers place as market value (around 4,500), and what emerges between them is that everything may be a strategy by the Glazers to revalue their club. What’s more, those responsible for the Qatari candidacy do not rule out that, when the time comes, the Glazers will say ‘no’ to the offers that come their way… and stay with the club. This would be a big upset among the fans, who are tired of owners who have speculated with United and have taken it down financially and sportingly thorny paths.

In any case, this Thursday the announcement may come that Sheikh Jassim and Jim Ratcliffe improve their offers compared to those initially presented in the first round. They will be improvements that match the market and “without losing your head”, according to sources told this newspaper. That is far from what the Glazers are asking for, who with hype and cymbal air that their sale may be the largest in the history of the sport. At the moment, there are 2,000 million difference between one and the other. It seems pretty.


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