“Federer? I was not amused, I prefer people like Fognini or Kyrgios” – OA Sport

Marcelo Rios returns to be talked about. The Chilean, born in 1975, former world number one, has recently released a series of interviews on the occasion of an exhibition match with Alex Corretja, in which he did not send them to say about today’s tennis.

In a chat with, he said: “Federer? He had an incredible ease of play, an exceptional intelligence, but he never entertained me ”.

Then he specified: “It’s not like Fognini or Kyrgios: people you see and wait for because you know they can light the fuse at any moment”.

“Djokovic too, he’s good but I don’t find him funny. And all of tennis is like this, it seems to have become cricket in some ways. You always have to wait for someone, like Kyrgios, to break the bank.”

A vitriolic Marcelo Rios in some ways, but who didn’t hide, as he did even when he was a player.


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