Oullins. When badminton is good for people with disabilities

“I’m very happy because we get out of the hostel and we meet other people. I’ve never played badminton, I really like it, it’s the first time I’ve come to Oullins…” This enthusiastic reaction is that of Emmanuel. This Thursday, March 9, accompanied by the Espoir plus de Vernaison association, he came to participate in a badminton and handicap day at the Montlouis gymnasium in Oullins.

Socialization and self-confidence

Around him, other people with mental and psychotic disabilities enjoyed throwing the shuttlecock after directing the racket as it should. Their usual facilitators, those of the departmental committee for adapted sport (CDSA) and Baco (Badminton club of Oullins) were there to guide them.

Jean-Michel Riehl, president of the CDSA, recalls: “Our objective is to organise, develop and promote physical and sporting activities in the Rhône for people with mental disabilities. Throughout the season, we offer sporting events as well as adapted sports courses. We have an effective partnership with Baco”. According to him, “It is only beneficial for these young people and these adults”, in terms of valorization of the capacities, reinforcement of the self-confidence, improvement of the physical condition and socialization.

“It’s fun and accessible”

Sylvain Janier-Dubry, trainer and coordinator of the Oullins badminton club, confirms: “The Baco can only be associated with events of this type […]. It’s fun and it’s accessible: the snowshoes are not heavy […] ».

That day, there were 53 participants for eight participating structures. A great success in Oullins!

More info on the Baco and CDSA websites: https://baco-oullins.fr



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