Novak Djokovic: “I look forward to the Olympic Games”

Winning matches without playing well can be one of the most confident things in tennis, and possibly that is what has happened to Novak Djokovic. After a very irregular encounter at its premiere at the Dubai ATPNole has brought out his best version and has imposed himself very comfortably on Tallon Greek Railway in a meeting where everything he has proposed has turned out. It seems unbelievable that with only one day apart you can play so differently from tennis, but that’s how great champions are.

In his press conference, Djokovic did not place too much emphasis on the differences between this match and the previous one, but rather focused on explaining how the sport has evolved in recent years, both in materials and in diets and physical preparation. He has also detailed what his plans are for the coming months, where he seeks to be focused on the PTPA to help the thousands of players in the world who cannot make a living from this sport. Finally, Nole has once again referred to the 2024 Olympicswhere he will try to become together with Agassi the only tennis player to have won the four Grand Slams, the Masters Cup and the gold medal.

Evolution to a more physical game

“This has happened in all sports, it’s logical. Everything evolves and everything gets better. You have technology that is really different. Tennis not so many years ago was played with a wooden racket. Now it has had an introduction of incredibly durable materials, but very light that allow you to swing faster and have more control. That’s technology. There’s also knowing how to do physical preparation and recovery, which is part of training. Then the database has grown a lot. I guess when it happens “The more time, the more technology advances, and we can get more information about our tennis and what we can do with our shots and with our shots. It’s really a little bit of everything.”

level upgrade

“Nowadays everybody is playing pretty much every big tournament, so the competition is very, very high. The season is long. It’s too long for me, in my opinion. I’ve been saying this for quite some time. I feel like we can rearrange our season in a better way. It’s a bit complicated and it’s another topic. There are too many interests and governing bodies in tennis that decide the calendar. In general, I think tennis is in a good place, but we must use the potential and the global reach that we have. We’re not using that potential to its fullest at all. We’re one of the most watched sports in the world, with over a billion viewers. I feel like collectively we need to do a better job of promoting tennis. It’s a very popular and historic sport. In terms of marketing and commercial potential it’s not that close to all other global sports.”

Purposes of the PTPA

“We have a CEO. Now we have a whole team. We have a structure in place with marketing, PR, strategy, analytics. We really have people who cover all the necessary aspects of a strong organization. I guess the CEO will go into more detail on the strategic points , direction and priorities. But for me, the most important purpose is to serve gamers across the board. We have thousands, tens of thousands of players competing all over the world. Unfortunately only 400 or 500, both men and women , singles, doubles, mixed, they live from this sport. That’s something I feel like not many people want to talk about, but I think it’s very important to always remind ourselves that we are, according to some statistics, the third or fourth most watched sport worldwide. worldwide. 1.3 billion people watch it, but we can’t have more than 400 people making a living from this sport, both men and women.”

olympic gold wish

“The desire has always been there. Without desire, I feel like there is no movement in any sense of that word. So I always try to be very clear with myself what are the goals I want in tennis. This is the way I I was raised and taught by some of the key people in my life, of course, including my parents and some of the coaches I had early on. This kind of mindset really helped me to always be so dedicated to the game. I always remind myself that it is willpower and the desire to succeed that are the essential ingredients of the whole formula. Regarding the Olympic Games, I look forward to them. I hope to be able to play healthy for the Olympic Games in Paris next year. It will be played on clay at Roland Garros, so I’m familiar with those terrains and hopefully the best Olympic result for me will come there.”



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