J.23: Centenary weekend to reinforce candidates for promotion

With four teams over a hundred points scored and several games resolved in their final stages, matchday 23 had practically everything in its two Conferences. A day in which UBU Tizona remained firm in front of the West, increasing their differences over second place and in which Hestia Menorca and Class Sant Antoni Ibiza did not fail on their tracks to put pressure on the leader CB Prat in the East.


On a most colorful Saturday night for fans, the LEB Plata League has made a new route on its way to the Playoffs for promotion. A day with several hundred-year-old matches and in which UBU Tizona has nourished its leadership in the Western Conference at the same time that Hestia Menorca and Class Sant Antoni pressured the leader CB Prat in the Eastern Conference.

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They confirmed their presence in the Final for promotion two weeks ago, but this has not caused UBU Tizona to relax. Because Diego Ocampo’s men remain intractable on their way to the decisive tie, as they demonstrated in a new round at Plantío. On this occasion, against a Real Canoe that suffered an offensive gale from its rival throughout a first quarter that left the game seen for judgment. And although the Madrid team was able to close the gap as the minutes went by, their reaction was not enough when it came to bothering a leader thrown up the table (92-79). A winning dynamic that Rioverde Clavijo could not maintain in the most vibrant match of the day, the one played on the pitch of a Clínica Ponferrada and in which the locals prevailed after two extensions with a triple by Hierrezuelo (105-104). In this way, the people of La Rioja gave up one of the two advantage victories over a third place in which Teknei Zornotza became strong after a new exhibition by Alberto Cabrera that helped them defeat Baloncesto Talavera 74-69 in their fiefdom). On the opposite side of the table, a valuable victory for La Antigua CB Tormes who beat EnerParking Navarra at home to keep alive the flame of permanence (88-94).

For its part, the Eastern Conference brought a triplet of victories for the Balearic Islands on a Saturday afternoon in which the persecutors of the leader launched their usual dose of pressure on a CB Prat who was not going to come into play until Sunday afternoon. Before, Hestia Menorca had managed to position itself as provisional leader with its victory against CB L’Hospitalet (81-70) before Class Sant Antoni prevailed with a stellar Jordi Grimau against CB Cornellà in which the talent of Álex Llorca it was not enough (86-76). For their part, Fibwi Palma pulled muscle away from home, to win on the Safir Fruits Alginet field in a duel broken by the outside success of the Mallorcans (98-102). At the bottom of the table, another victory for a CB L’Horta Godella that left the permanence seen for judgment with a new exhibition by Josep Pérez culminating in Bressan as MVP (103-60).


Eastern Conference:

– CB Gran Canaria vs. Lobe Huesca La Magia (80-71) | MVP: D. Duscak – 23 val.
– CB L´Horta Godella vs Rec. Gaudí CB Mollet (103-60) | MVP: G. Bressan – 33 val.
– Hestia Menorca vs CB L´Hospitalet (81-70) | MVP: E. Stoilov – 31 val.
– Safir Fruits Alginet vs Fibwi Palma (98-102) | MVP: H. Preston – 29 val.
– Class Sant Antoni vs CB Cornellà (86-76) | MVP: A. Llorca – 29 val.
– Odilo FC Cartagena vs Maderas Sorli Benicarló (D-12:00h) |
– Brisasol CB Salou vs CB Prat (D-18:15h) |

Western Conference:

– Zamora Enamora vs. Cazoo Baskonia (95-93) | MVP: P. Savkov – 28 waves.
– Ponferrada Clinic vs Rioverde Clavijo (105-104) | MVP: J. Martinez – 22 val.
– Teknei Zornotza vs Baloncesto Talavera (74-69) | MVP: A. Cabrera – 24 val.
– UBU Tizona vs Real Canoe (92-79) | MVP: D. Cuevas – 26 val.
– Melilla Sport Capital vs CB Minuscenter Morón (83-67) | MVP: C. Poyatos – 25 val.
– EnerParking Navarra vs La Antigua CB Tormes (88-94) | MVP: K. Navarro – 39 val.
– Damex UDEA Algeciras vs Decolor FG La Roda (D-12:00) |



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