Guingamp Badminton in the play-offs for the climb – Guingamp

It’s another step towards the club’s goal. Towards the rise in Departmental 1. By winning against Plélo and Plestin-les-Grèves in their last two mixed interclub matches on Sunday, the Guingamp Badminton flag team finished at the top of their group and validated their place for the accession play-offs.

A deadline scheduled for Sunday, April 16

If team 2 has, for its part, lost its last two meetings, Benjamin Clidi and his troop have completed their regular season without conceding the slightest defeat. Nine wins and a draw on the clock, a course allowing them to benefit from a clear lead over their runner-up.

An unexpected season a few months ago when the Guingampais, finally drafted in D2, had initially suffered a sporting relegation to D3. But the first results bringing confidence, they quickly positioned themselves on the right track. And the ambition of the rise in D1 has gradually hatched. A destination towards which they will try to head a little more seriously still during the play-offs scheduled for Sunday April 16.


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