Good news for Lakers? A LeBron James teammate had a revelation about El Rey’s injury


Dennis Schröder, LeBron James’ teammate on the Los Angeles Lakers, had a revelation about the state of El Rey’s injury in the NBA.

© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty ImagesLeBron James and Dennis Schroeder.

Los Angeles Lakers They are in a desperate situation. They fight to enter the Playoffs it’s from the season NBA and for that, they will do whatever it takes LeBron James return to the fields. Dennis Schroeder made an interesting revelation.

James has missed most of the part after the All-Star Game due to a right foot injury. Unfortunately, this problem has been mysterious and although it is known that his return will not be for at least two more weeks, there is no exact date either.

Between pessimism and optimism, the reality is that The king isn’t there to help the Lakers, and meanwhile the franchise is holding on Anthony Davis, D’Angelo Russell and company.

But now, another of his teammates who has been very active on the court, the German Schröder, made a curious statement about LeBron’s return. It seems that something knows, but he did not want to reveal much.

Dennis Schröder on the return of LeBron James

“I know. I can’t say too much… But the German doctors are great. That’s all I say”expressed the base in a chat with journalists, about the times for the return of LeBron James.



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