Ahn Se-young goes to the final, secures gold medal in women’s doubles, doubles in Korean badminton

Ahn Se-young and Bang Su-hyun challenge for the first championship in 27 years

Women’s doubles is a house fight, mixed doubles also go to the final

Ahn Se-young roars as he is confirmed to advance to the Jeon-Young Open final. ⓒ AP=Newsis

The Korean badminton team is sounding the news of successive victories at the Jeonyeong Open, the most prestigious tournament.

The national team reached the finals in women’s singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles at the competition held in Birmingham, England on the 18th (local time).

Ahn Se-yeong (World No. 2), the star of Korean badminton, defeated Tai Zi-ying (Taiwan), World No. 3, 2-1 (17-21 21-19 24-22) in the women’s singles semifinals.

Ahn Se-young, who unfortunately missed the championship last year by losing to her archrival Akane Yamaguchi (Japan), is challenging to rise to the top once again in a year.

The opponent in the finals is Chen Yufei (China), who came up after defeating Yamaguchi in the semifinals. Qian Yufei, ranked fourth in the world, is far ahead of Ahn Se-young with 8 wins and 2 losses.

However, Ahn Se-young won the Malaysian Open semifinal match in January.

If Ahn Se-yeong defeats Chen Yu-fei and wins the championship, she will become the first player to reach the top of the Jeon-Young Open in 27 years since Bang Su-hyeon in 1996.

In the women’s doubles, a final match was held between Korean players, confirming the championship for the first time in six years.

Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong’s team defeated Jang Shu-xian and Jeong-wi (China) 2-0 (21-14 25-23) in the semifinals, and Lee So-hee and Baek Hana-jo also defeated the Indian team 2-0 (21-10 21-10). ) and confirmed their advance to the finals.

As the Korean players faced each other in the final match, the national team secured both the gold and silver medals in the women’s doubles.

In addition, the mixed doubles Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jeong pair defeated Kim Won-ho and Jeong Na-eun 2-0 (21-14 28-26) in the semifinals and advanced to the final to fight China’s Jeong Si-wei and Hwang Ya-chung for the gold medal.

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