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Released injured against Lens on February 12, Malo Gusto has not appeared on the pitch since. OL supporters are starting to get impatient, especially since there is not much information on the subject. But, the side seems in the hands of Chelsea.

A long-time permanent starter at OL with Peter Bosz then Laurent Blanc, Malo Gusto has not played a match for a month now. The right side was out after 30 minutes against Lens on February 12. Since then, it was care and recovery phase for him. Well, normally. Indeed, the case of the young player trained in Lyon is no longer publicly debated. No information on his condition has been communicated, either by OL or by Laurent Blanc. The supporters have no news of him and the weeks pass inexorably. They had to agree to see Sinaly Diomandé then Sael Kumbedi take his place in the Lyon eleven.

Gusto treated by Chelsea in Dubai

Still, some are impatiently demanding the return of Malo Gusto to OL. The right side is very important in the offensive field and could prove to be a great help for the Lyonnais. We think in particular of the big meeting in early April with the trip to Nantes in the semi-finals of the Coupe de France. The supporters want answers and Progress has tried to give them some.

The regional daily, in search of information on the situation of Gusto, indicates that he is with the medical staff of Chelsea. Gusto is currently in Dubai, carefully cared for by his new club since January. Even if he was loaned to OL in the process, his destiny is in the hands of the Blues now. The London club is taking its time to get its future right-back back in the saddle. It remains to be seen when Gusto will return to Lyon. A question shared by supporters and observers. Let’s hope for OL that Chelsea will not confiscate him for too long so that the Rhone club can take advantage of him a little and perhaps reach Europe thanks to him.



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