Alexander Zverev shows us his children’s room

In 1991, Alexander Zverev’s parents and his brother Mischa moved to Germany with the help of a work visa. “They had to start from scratch,” says Sascha, as everyone calls him, in the documentary “Zverev – The Unfinished” (to be seen on RTL+ from March 19). At first the family lived in an attic of 50 square meters. Alex was born six years after emigrating. The Zverevs then lived in an 80 square meter apartment.

“Until my brother started playing tennis,” says Alex. He fed the family with his job – and enabled them to build a house. The Zverevs still live here. And this is also where Alex has his children’s room – which is not only decorated with numerous trophies, but also with a number of stuffed animals.

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The moving story of emigration and naturalization with an emotional interview by Alexander Zverev, his brother Mischa and Mama Irina can be seen in full in the documentary “Zverev – The Unfinished” on RTL +. The tennis player’s injury, his love for Sophia Thomalla and much more are also discussed here. (rsc)



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