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Audi got the approval of the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) to build a solar park in San José Chiapa, Puebla, in order to supply its plant with clean energy.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) gave the green light for the construction of the Por the Solar Audi Mexico with a generation capacity of 12,757 megawatts per hour (MWh) per year, which will be used exclusively to supply the company’s plant in Puebla.

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“It is important and necessary to highlight that the energy generated by the AUDI Mexico Solar Park will not be supplied to the National Electric System of Mexicowill be solely and exclusively to supply the needs of the plant Audi”, indicated the company in the MIA project.

In the Ecological Gazettepublished Thursday night, the agency granted a period of 15 months for the development of the complex and 25 years for it to be operated.

The project, which will have an investment of 86.1 million pesos, aims to build and operate a power generation plant clean energy for vehicle assembly supply Audi in town.

The park is part of the objective of the company Germany to achieve the decarbonization of all its plants in the world by the year 2025.

In this way, the project will supply energy to the production plant that automotive inaugurated in 2016 and whose objective is to start assembling electric vehicles in 2027.

The goal of the company German is that all its models of electric vehicless are produced in zero emission value chains.

In accordance with Audithe solar park will have 9,620 modules photovoltaics o Solar panels of 540 watts each, installed in an area of ​​67 thousand 557 square meters, as well as two transformation centers, underground cabling and internal roads.

The project of investment was initially registered by Audi in May of last year, but in July it received a refusal from the Semarnat Due to the fact that the authorization request had to be made in the regional and not private modality, for this reason the company re-registered it, with modifications, in September.

Audi now has a period of three months to present a guarantee amount for the realization of the project, which must be approved by the environmental authority prior to the start of the works of the solar park.

Likewise, the company must carry out various environmental programs as part of the condition for the approval of the solar park project.

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In 2022, the Automotive company German assembled 178,128 Q5 trucks at its Puebla plant, which represented the most successful production period in the six-year history of Audi in the country by surpassing its historical record reached in 2018, when 173 thousand 734 units were produced.

In February, Audi indicated that it will continue with the production of said model for global markets with respect for the environment, correctly using natural resources.



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