Be careful not to underestimate Turin. A real Cantù test will be needed

Basket A2 After the disappointment of the Italian Cup, Acqua S. Bernardo plunges back into the championship. Hunting for a victory for pride, but the former Ciani’s team is in the running and will do battle

Cantù, take a shot. It is fundamental, today as never before. Although apparently the match against Turin – duel at 5pm at the PalaFitLine in Desio – started with little value for the standings and the season itself, in reality it hides many meanings. The first, clear to all, is more internal to the team: to prove to oneself, even before external players, that everyone is alive, concentrated and eager to move on after the elimination in the semi-final of the Italian Cup. Sending a signal internally would inevitably also send it externally, where doubts and worries seem to dominate the thoughts of many fans.

After all, Cantù-Turin is the challenge of the disappointed Italian Cup, one eliminated by Cento and the other by Cremona. An important challenge for Turin, which still has some residual chance of getting into the top three by overtaking Treviglio in the photo finish. Although this Turin is no longer the Turin it once was (a club that has changed several times, coach Sacchetti played and trained there in the old Auxilium), it is still a fascinating challenge. Cantù should bring back Berdini after his ankle injury: he’s been training, he’ll certainly be on the scoresheet.

On the other hand, a Turin that has strung together a useful series of 8 victories in recent months, but which is now not experiencing its best moment of form. But the team of former coach Franco Ciani remains a lady: the best scorer is the center Guariglia with 13.6 points, followed by guard Pepe (13.3). In doubt De Vico, injured.




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