The secrets of Carlos Alcaraz’s racket and how an Argentina Open stringer works

Louis Pianelli It’s one of the stringers most recognized Argentines in the world of tennis. He started doing that job when he was a boy of just 12 years old. At the time his fanaticism for discipline made him cut the strings of his racket several times in Arroyo Seco, his hometown that is located 32 kilometers south of Rosario, the city where his mother had to go week after week to fix the racket. However, One day, tired of traveling so much, she bought him a stringing machine, not knowing that this purchase would mark her son’s profession. who is also a lawyer.

He became the stringer of the town and everyone who played tennis in Arroyo Seco came to him every time their strings were cut. For many years He was a stringer for the Argentine Davis Cup team, he was at the Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open and in this edition of the ATP in Buenos Aires He was one of the three in charge of string the rackets that Carlos Alcaraz and the rest of the tennis players will use.

The 19-year-old Spaniard, world number 2, who in his debut made the Guillermo Vilas stadium look packed with people, will play again this afternoon against the Serbian Dušan Lajović and for that meeting You will have a racket with a tension of 25 kilograms on the main strings and 23 on the cross strings.. Besides, the string is a black Babolat RPM Blastthe same one that Rafael Nadal usually wears, the other Spaniard who captivated the world with his tennis.

But in addition to doing it for Alcaraz, Pianelli and his teammates are in charge of stringing the rackets of all the tennis players since in this contest no one brought their own stringer, something that is usually common in the most prominent figures on the circuit when they compete in a tournament. grand slam. “In addition, there are two administration people in the work team, who help us by writing down the player’s requests, they get paid, which is the most important thing, and they keep all the records on a computer. They receive the racket, write down what time the players want it for, with what tension and we string them”reveals Pianelli in dialogue with

The rope used by Carlos Alcaraz.

Undoubtedly, the work they do is essential for the continuity of the event that will end on Sunday. Until this Friday at noon they had 415 rackets strung And, although the work decreases as the instances progress and there are fewer tennis players in competition, Pianelli and his companions can be seen at the Lawn Tennis venue from early morning until the end of the day. “I arrived at 8 today and we cannot leave while there is a game in dispute, if the day ends at midnight, we will be there until that time. If a player sends a racket to be strung, we have to be there. Beyond that, we don’t always stay until the last three. For example, tonight I will stay, therefore tomorrow I will be able to come in the last hours of the morning”close.


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