Isiah Pacheco, the Puerto Rican player of the Kansas Chiefs who falls in love with TikTok with his dances

One of the great heroes of Super Bowl LVII It was Isiah Pacheco, the running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, thanks to the fact that his ability on the gridiron gave his team several points.

At 23 years old, the player of Puerto Rican origin reaffirmed that he can be one of the great figures in the NFL.

Isiah Pacheco, the surprise factor of Kansas

His path on the gridiron was not so easy, since when he played at the collegiate level, he had to overcome the death of two of his brothers, Travoise and Celeste.

Right on the day of her sister’s funeral, Pacheco made the decision to show up for a game, in which he rushed for 157 yards and scored three times.

During his period as a college player, Isiah was sought after by various private institutions, but he was always true to his status.

Even when he took the university step, he stayed on the same path and played for Rutgers.

His taste for American football was instilled in him by his deceased brother, for this reason he always plays thinking of him, since he feels grateful for how much he taught him.

“My brother, if you saw me here, you would be amazed. He encouraged me to play as a child and never had a chance to see me. Playing helps me a lot to not worry about the tragedies that have happened. It makes me want to try harder”, he recounted.

Shine a TikTok

After being crowned in Super Bowl LVII, Pacheco celebrated in style in the dressing room. He even did some dances that made him go viral on TikTok.

And it is that, the runner proudly carries his Puerto Rican origin, which makes him one of the elements with the most spark in the Kansas City Chiefs.

“He is the Duracell bunny, he has infinite energy, he leaves his life in each training session. That’s Isiah,” Kansas coach Andy Reid said.


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