The CNOSF launches its solidarity cash back application

The French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) is launching its “solidarity cashback” platform, a new source of revenue for the 150,000 federated clubs in France with the aim of obtaining donations in other ways. This is an important first step for the CNOSF in supporting the economic, digital and sustainable transformation of sports federations and clubs.

By launching its platform, the CNOSF is creating, for the first time, an innovative mobile application: “Ma Petite Sponso”. By simply shopping, consumers will get refunds in the form of a prize pool for donations to their heart club. It will offer everyone a simple and intelligent solution to both improve their purchasing power and contribute to the influence of federated sport in our territories.

Solidarity cashback allows you to receive a refund corresponding to a percentage of your purchase and consists of giving half or all of your refunds to your club, and obtaining a tax receipt in return.

With this citizen and solidarity approach, the general public can, every day, support the 150,000 federated clubs that are referenced in the application. Several major national brands (Carrefour, AirBnB, Samsung, Decathlon, etc.) and local shops are registered on this platform. Each new sign that will integrate the platform, whether national or local, will benefit all the referenced clubs, that is to say the sports movement.

The advantages of “Ma Petite Sponso” for the federated clubs are numerous: generate a new source of income with a multiplication of small sums, strengthen links with members and animate its community, expand its network of local partners and increase its notoriety.

For the general public and licensees, this allows you to: gain purchasing power thanks to personal reimbursements and tax reductions, become an essential link in the daily life of your heart club and thus strengthen the feeling of belonging for users .

Brigitte Henriques, President of the CNOSF “I am proud of the launch of the solidarity cashback application, Ma petite Sponso, an innovative tool which constitutes the first stone of a program intended for the development of the sports movement and its clubs. Our political program for the Economic Transformation of federations is taking shape through this application, which will benefit the development of federated sport even in our Territories. This launch supports the CNOSF’s desire to support associations and the economic world. »

Sébastien Poirier, Vice-President of Economic Transformation at CNOSF : “With Ma petite Sponso, we wanted to strengthen the capacity of the CNOSF and the federations to provide concrete and innovative services to the volunteers of clubs and licensees. This project should help the 150,000 federated clubs to develop their private funding, while offering advantages to their members. We aim to generate a real economic impact, on the scale of each territory and each club. »



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