he was a Standard fan (photos)

The new “Partnership Manager” of the RSCA, this person responsible for maintaining close links with the club’s sponsors, had started to work normally in Anderlecht. After it was revealed that the man is a notorious Standard fan and that person had made derogatory remarks about the RSCA in the past, the hate messages from Sporting fans started to rain in. So much so that he himself decided to quit his job!

Selection procedure

Concretely, Sporting Anderlecht had been looking for a new Partnership Manager since the end of last year, after the departure of the previous one. Following a selection procedure, the RSCA seemed to have found the right person for this position. The partnership manager is an important pawn in the commercial unit of a club. He is responsible for strategic contacts, relations and campaigns of business partners. However, the man in question turned out to be an avid Standard supporter and hadn’t spoken kindly on social media about RSC Anderlecht and its supporters in the past.

Those posts have since been deleted, but the damage was done. The messages posted on Twitter provoked violent reactions from some Anderlecht supporters. They were furious. The man himself then decided to take a step back and no longer work for Anderlecht. This was communicated by the club in a letter to supporters.

Stop the insults

A communication to fans confirms this information and also asks them to stop hurling insults and hate messages. Anderlecht also recognizes that its recruitment process can be improved. So, in the future, more attention will be given to reviewing candidates’ social media channels.



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