Pallacanestro Trieste invited to Turin for the Final-eight

TRIESTE Constant growth for a role, that of captain of Pallacanestro Trieste, which is forcing him to the attention of national basketball. Protagonist of a truly important start to the year, Lodovico Deangeli was nominated by Giba, the association that represents Italian athletes who play in the national championships, as best player of the month in January. Prestigious nomination that represents recognition of the work done in the gym by the Trieste wing. «I’m enjoying the moment – he says – always trying to maintain the necessary balance. Legovich helps me in this who, just a few days ago, analyzing my path and work in recent months, told me that this is the moment not to stop. I have to start from here to continue improving, the words of the coach that have remained in my head are “exponential growth”. Marco is always very demanding, with himself in primis and also with all of us».

HOME SWEET HOME: «In my growth and that of the whole team, a decisive factor was the harmony that was created in the group. At the beginning of the season the spark hadn’t struck, as the months went by we got to know each other and I must say that today we are really good together. The Allianz Dome is home, entering the building and sharing the locker room together is a privilege. At the base of everything is the great professionalism that everyone puts on the field but I can assure you that we have a lot of fun between us. The complicity and pinch of madness that is the basis of the results we are achieving has been created in the group».

PLAY-OFF GOAL? «The defeat against Milan left great awareness in the team. We came from a positive cycle with not obvious victories conquered on difficult fields such as those of Treviso and Venice, having fought almost on equal terms against a giant like Armani means a lot. Paradoxically, we are left with some regret because we did it even though we weren’t on an evening with a particularly offensive streak. Having said that, given the level of a championship in which there are no mattress teams or easy matches, we don’t even know how far we can go and until the day we are mathematically safe it will be right to fly low. Considering the path we’re on, however, I think it’s just as right not to impose limits on ourselves. This is why I believe that play-off shouldn’t be considered a taboo word».

THE MAGIC OF THE DOME: «Six thousand people and a full building is magic. The best thing for us remains the awareness that every single fan who filled the Allianz Dome we earned it. Already against Naples, but even more in last Sunday’s match, my legs were shaking looking behind the basket. I had the impression of a solid wall, that wall will have to be the insurmountable limit against which the teams that come to play in Trieste in this final part of the championship will clash. After the match against Tortona, we will have three weeks off to work, complete Terry’s introduction and be ready for the final sprint of this season».


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