Xavi apologizes for his comment about Alves’ alleged rape

Barcelona“I would like to clarify what I said yesterday on the subject of Dani Alves. Maybe I was not strong enough with my words. It is important that I explain. It is quite a rough subject. I overlooked the subject of the victim a little bit. All these acts should be condemned, whether they were done by Dani or anyone else. I was not entirely lucky, so I apologize to the victim and victims of these cases of gender violence and rape. Having said that , I’m sorry that Dani was able to do this. I’m surprised and I give all my support to the victim. There has been a lot of criticism, I understand that and I apologize.” The coach of Barça, Xavi Hernández, made this statement before the press conference after the match that his team played and won against Getafe. The reason, to clarify what he said in the previous appearance when he was asked about the alleged rape of a 23-year-old woman who has taken Dani Alves to the prison of Can Brians on a provisional basis and without bail.

In his public appearance on Saturday, Xavi confessed that he was “in a state of shock” by the news about his former team-mate and former disciple. “It is difficult to comment on a situation like this. Knowing what Dani is like, it is an issue that has surprised me. I feel very sorry for him,” he said. “It’s a matter of justice and justice will dictate whatever it is, we can’t get into that,” stressed the Barcelona coach. Xavi and Alves met when the winger – currently without a team after the unilateral termination of Pumas – arrived at the Barcelona club in the summer of 2008. They agreed until 2015, when Xavi left. In 2022 they became part of Barça again at the same time. This time, with Xavi as a coach and Alves as a footballer.

The events of December 30

On December 30, Alves had paid a vip special, reserved for the most exclusive customers of the Sutton room in Barcelona. It is higher than the other reservations and has strict rules. You can only go up there with an invitation and once there you can’t take out your mobile phone, you can’t take photos and you can’t record either. According to the version of the victim, advanced by The newspaper and that he has been able to reconstruct this diary, he did not recognize it. She claims that Alves, in a sullen tone, was telling her: “You do not know who I am?” He even explains that the footballer was not happy about going unnoticed.”I am a petanque player from Hospitalet“, he finished affirming, according to the victim’s account. Finally, a group of Mexicans told him that he was not a petanque player, but Dani Alves. The victim has waived possible compensation in the event that justice finds him guilty ‘former Barça player.



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