The II Junior Spanish Cup gathers more than one hundred judokas in Binéfar | Sports


More than a hundred junior category judokas, plus many other accredited ones, will meet at the CDM El Segalar in Binéfar this weekend to participate in the II Spanish Cup in the town, which has one of the most outstanding judo clubs from the country. This competition, in which the Binéfar City Council collaborates, together with other entities, and is organized by the Aragonese Federation of Judo and Associated Sports (Fajyda).

The II Junior Binéfar Judo Cup of Spain will take place on Sunday, January 8, and will take place between 9:00 and 15:00 and is open to the public. The athletes will meet in Binéfar to achieve results and score for the qualifying national ranking positions for the Spanish junior judo championship 2023, among all the participants there are athletes from thirteen different Spanish autonomous communities, such as; Cantabria, Asturias, Valencia, Catalonia or the Community of Madrid.

The Aragonese judo meeting, however, will begin on Saturday, January 7 with the II Fajyda Gala, which will be held in a local hotel, in which the work carried out in 2022 by all Aragonese athletes will be rewarded, to This event will be attended by about 150 athletes accompanied by their families. The choice of Binéfar for this event responds to the recognition for the promotion to the first division in the National League of Clubs of the men’s team of the Binéfar Judo Club and the establishment of judo modernization classrooms at the IES Sierra de San Quílez,

In the presentation of the gala and the Spain Cup, held at the Binéfar Town Hall, the Councilor for Sports, Juan Carlos García, highlighted “the honor that it represents for our town to once again pick up the witness of this national competition”. The mayor thanked the work that is being done with the promotion of judo both by the federation and the Binéfar Judo Club. “It makes our town the epicenter of judo at the national level,” said Juan Carlos García, for whom this activity brings “benefits, not only for sports, but also serves as a showcase for our judo sports infrastructure, which I think is one of the best at the national level, in addition to being an economic lever”.

Together with the councilor, the presentation was attended by José Ángel Hierro, president of the Aragonese Federation of Judo and Associated Sports (FAJYDA), Cristina Berrocal, executive director and vice president of FAJYDA, Raúl Clemente, FAJYDA sports director, Javier Pérez, president of the Binéfar Judo Club , and Antonio Clager, sports technical director Club Judo Binéfar.

For his part, José Ángel Hierro explained how the Aragonese Federation of Judo and DA will manage the weekend and thanked the Binéfar City Council and the Binéfar Judo Club for their collaboration in its development. Highlighting the great work that is being done in the Binéfar technification classroom and associated programs.

Raúl Clemente added that “with this we promote judo in the region and in Aragon, enabling athletes and judokas to compete at home.” From the Binéfar Judo Club, Javier Pérez pointed out that “there is no better place to celebrate these two sporting events than Binéfar, since it has managed to position itself as one of the national epicenters of Spanish judo”.

As for Antonio Clager, he thanked those present for the organization and stressed the structuring of the territory that is being achieved with the distribution of the Spanish Cups that are currently in Aragon, while emphasizing the educational nature that they are trying to inculcate with this sport.


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