Sneakers to wear your dresses in winter

There is no doubt that the sneakers they revolutionized our way of dressing and became our best ally when it came to looking good and being comfortable at the same time, since they were no longer just for exercising and are now basic in any closet.

And since we know that they are never enough, we tell you what the sneakers in trend and that they are ideal to combine with your outfits of winter.


Los sneakers con vintage or classic design They are a must and they go well with everything. For example, these New Balance are back to be everyone’s favorite, add some white socks and a sleep dress, and you’ll be ready to succeed anywhere.

They are perfect to use in the office!Getty Images

Urban style

To give an urban touch to your style, the boot tennis they can not miss. You can combine them with both long and short dresses, and if it’s cold, stockings will be your salvation.

Urban tennis is back!Getty Images


get a twist athleisure in your looks with only some beautiful sports shoes, and if they are colorful and with details on the soles, even better! They will make the perfect contrast with any dress.



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