FC Bayern Munich: Unpleasant TV situation for Julian Nagelsmann Sports

The topic of Serge Gnabry (27) continues to cause heated discussions!

The national player’s short trip to a fashion show in Paris before the poor 1-1 draw with Cologne was also a big topic before Bayern’s top game against Frankfurt kicked off. Above all, Sky expert Tabea Kemme (31) has a clear opinion on the public criticism of sports director Hasan Salihamidzic (46) on Gnabry (“amateurish”).

Kemme: “That’s not amateurish. Talking about amateurish behavior on this level is very personal.”

In an interview with coach Julian Nagelsmann (35), the ex-national player then asks critical questions: “If the question of mentality and attitude arises, based on the whole situation around Serge – why do you create this momentum, also through the statements of the sports director, to hit him in rows in the pan? I don’t have a basis for negotiation. Daring to cross a player like that – difficult.”

An awkward moment for Nagelsmann!

The coach, visibly surprised by the critical question: “My conversation wasn’t dramatic. I didn’t put him in the corner either. It’s all about sports. I explained to him my view of things regarding the Paris trip. I care a lot about impact – not about punishment. You have to ask Brazzo about the other topics, I wasn’t there.”

In the further course of the preliminary reports, club boss Oliver Kahn (53) also comes to the table. And Kemme tells him her opinion, too!

derby humiliation Hertha is raging because of THIS exciting scene!

The four-time German champion and Olympic champion in 2016: “I think it’s an absolutely rude way to communicate something like that. If my sporting director had said that, I would have gone straight into the confrontation, because you don’t say something like that to the outside world.”

Counter Kahn: “I have to be honest, I see it completely differently. We have one of the most difficult situations in German football that has ever existed. We played a disastrous World Cup. We gave the players enough time off to come back refreshed. Now we expect performance, we demand this performance. Hasan made that very clear to Serge.”

And further: “Of course I wasn’t a child of sadness either. But when I know it’s not the best time, then I score three goals afterwards and I’m the best player on the pitch. That’s my answer then. But he understood, he will bring this performance again, we are all convinced of that.”



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