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On Tuesday, in the Baltic Women’s Volleyball League (BSVL) game, “Optibet” VK “Jelgava” lost to the RVS/LU team at home. This week was the only game in the BSVL with the participation of Latvian teams, and VK “Jelgava” lost to the RVS/LU team in four sets.

This was the third meeting between the two teams this season. First of all, the women of Jelgava won the “Optibet” Super Cup at the beginning of the season, but the women of Riga have been superior in two BSVL matches.

The first set was a similar battle. The home team scored five points in a row, taking a 10-6 lead, but the Riga players slowly caught up and overtook their opponents, the set ended with an unsuccessful attack by Liva Sol. In the second set, RVS/LU reached 19:11 after Maggie Dambrecht’s attack, but the opponents scored 13 points in a row when Simona Rozite was serving, winning the set. The third set started with many mistakes by the home team and 6-0 and 9-1 leads for RVS/LU, but the fate of the fourth set was decided after 10-9 by six points scored in a row by the Riga players.

Dambrehte was the most productive in the ranks of RVS/LU with 19 points, scoring two points each with a serve and a block. Team captain Kristīne Kramēna scored 18 points with three uncatchable serves. For the home team, Sola scored 14 points with three blocks.

“I think we played well. It was unbelievable. There aren’t many matches where you can come back from a 13-0 lead. But it is “Jelgava”, whose players are so experienced and they are fighting. I’m proud because many teams would break after a second set like that. Of course, this is also my responsibility as a coach, because I probably should have made a double change sooner,” he said after the game winning coach Daniele Capriotti.

“In the beginning, we played quite stable. In the second set, we let it go a little bit, and you could see that at the end of the set we were all worried about not being able to score points after Simona Rozita’s serves. However, we got together in the third set and played fairly stable, winning 3-1,” he said about the match the top scorer of the match, Maggie Dambrecht. “Very good feelings, because “Jelgava” is a strong opponent for us, against whom we always have very fierce battles. Since we didn’t win them in the Super Cup, we are now trying to do it in every next game. We hoped it would be 3-0, but in the second set we missed the victory.”

“TalTech/Tradehouse” has 38 points in 14 games, Jonava’s “Aušrine” has collected 34 points in 13 matches, while RVS/LU takes the third place with 33 points in 15 matches. “Kaunas-VDU” has 28 points in 13 matches, RSU/MSG has 19 points in 15 matches, followed by VK “Jelgava” with 18 points in 14 matches. “Audentes SG/NK” of Tallinn got 12 points in 15 games and occupies the eighth place, while “SuFA club”/DU has eight points in 14 matches and ninth place in the 10-team competition.

The game between Jelgava and Riga teams was also counted “Optibet” Latvian Championship for women in the assessment.

Results BSVL:

17.01. VK “Jelgava” – RVS/LU 1-3 (21:25, 25:20, 10:25, 18:25); Sola 14 – Dambrecht 19

More about BSVL here:

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