NFL Playoffs | Brock Purdy’s injury at the Eagles-49ers

The quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Brock PurdyHe suffered an injury to his right arm. that caused him to have to leave the game in the first quarter of the national conference final ante Philadelphia Eagles.

Purdy was pressured by Eagles linebacker, Haason Reddick, who even managed to hit him in the arm and even caused him to release the ball to give possession to the Philadelphians.

Purdy, who was the big sensation in the NFL, replaced Jimmy Garoppolo after San Francisco’s No. 2 quarterback was injured against the Miami Dolphins.

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This way, the 49ers will have to look for the ticket at Super Bowl with Josh Johnson, his fourth quarterback, since the first was Trey Lance, who suffered an injury in the first game against the Chicago Bears.

Nightmare start for San Francisco

The start of the game could not have been worse for the 49ers. The first offensive Miles Sanders got the first touchdown of the game with a 6-yard run.

During the 49ers’ first drive came the fumble and Purdy’s injury. Before the injury, the rookie had completed both of his passes for 19 yards.

Already in the second half, Joe Johnson suffered a head injury after being heavily tackled by Ndamukong Suh, for which Brock Purdy returned to the field injured.



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