Javier Mascherano received the support of Claudio Tapia, president of the AFA | National teams

Having lost against Colombia and with the illusion of being able to qualify for the Hexagonal Final left the future of Javier Mascherano on the verge of a debacle for the Argentina U-20 team. In the country surely no one wants to see him for the early elimination in the South American U-20 with all the cards still present to seal a qualification to the next phase.

With star players like Real Madrid’s Nicolás Paz, Máximo Perrone, a new Manchester City footballer and Facundo Buonanotte, who had to leave early due to a severe injury, Javier Mascherano was unable to guide the Argentine team to a successful conclusion. A subject that caused a tremor in Argentina, since they hoped that Nico Paz and other players could aspire to a title and the World Cup in Indonesia.

It was not possible and Javier Mascherano will be remembered as one of the worst performing coaches, if not already the worst. The elimination took its toll in Argentina with followers who exploded on social networks maintaining that, to respect him as a player, they had lost all respect for the South American U-20 player he had. It is worth noting that it is his first adventure in technical management as a professional.

Asking Pablo Aimar for Lionel Scaloni’s technical assistant, the AFA headed by Claudio el ‘Chiqui’ Tapia hoped to make the decision with the future of the Argentina U-20 team, and even more so because of Mascherano’s statements indicating his resignation . “I don’t think it will continue, the best thing now is to be able to return to Argentina and be calm,” he commented to TyC Sports. He also added, “I am very grateful for the opportunity, because it is not easy for them to give it to you in the National Team. I have failed”.

Argentina has already returned to the country after its negative experience in Colombia. Early in the morning, Claudio el ‘Chiqui’ Tapia, president of the AFA, held a meeting with Javier Mascherano, where he ratified his continuity with the albiceleste team, giving him a vote of confidence. He knows that Mascherano is just having his first steps in technical management and with his first experience, which is why he will leave him in charge.

Claudio Tapia had breakfast with Javier Mascherano and wrote on his social networks, “Today I was in Ezeiza to receive our Under-20 team headed by their coach Javier Mascherano. The National Teams project, beyond the results, is the path we have chosen and the path that we all want to walk. We will continue sowing to reap”, Tapia’s meeting, in addition to being with Mascherano, Bernardo Romeo, coordinator of youth teams, was also present. A decision that will surely spark controversy due to the statements of the former central defender or midfielder brand that his departure was coming, but received the curious endorsement after the harsh elimination.



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