Lionel Messi, a fan of mate: he showed his new bombilla with three stars and a World Cup

The Argentine national team conquered the World Cup Qatar 2022 and thus added the third star of his story. With the talent and leadership of Lionel Messi as a banner, the national team established itself in the top soccer date unforgettable way. are days of much joy for the albiceleste fans.

After two weeks off, Messi returned to France, where he is already working with his teammates PSG. The captain of the National Team spent the holidays with his family in Rosario and then, yes, he rejoined the Parisian team. From a distance, Leo enjoys every day what he achieved in Qatar.

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This Saturday, Messi himself published a photo on his Instagram account where he can see his mate personal. But this time he added an update: it is a bulb with the three stars (referring to the World Cups that Argentina won, in 1978, 1986 and 2022) and a mini carved World Cup.

Messi, with his new bulb (Photo: IG @leomessi).

Lionel Messi’s secrets to make the ideal mate

Messi is matte fan. She consumes it as part of her breakfast, in the PSG locker room with her teammates and also in the afternoons with Antonela Roccuzzo and her sons Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

For the historic former Barcelona player, the secret of this infusion is that it is taken “very hot and sour”. No sugar, sweetener or other additives. Yerba, water and enjoy.

In an interview with the newspaper Brand Years ago, he revealed: “Before I drank sweet but I ended up getting used to bitter”. It is that part of Lionel Messi’s diet translates into avoiding flour, sugar and different foods that do not help him in his professional career.

The publication of Leo Messi with the World Cup.  Source: Instagram.
The publication of Leo Messi with the World Cup. Source: Instagram.

What herb does Lionel Messi use?

“Be Eternal: Champions of America” is a documentary series that made Netflix about the title that the Argentine National Team obtained in the Copa América 2021. There you can see unpublished images of the consecration.

In the story it emerges how Lionel Messi’s birthday was on the AFA premises. And in one of the images it is clearly seen the package of uruguayan yerba Canarias who consumed 10 and Sergio Agüero, who was his roommate at the time.

In addition, the thermos he uses is one that was given to him by an Argentine boy who has a math business.

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