Vis exaggerated against the Lombards

After closing 2022 with a win, 2023 is starting in the best possible way for Vis Spilimbergo who asphalt Longobardi Cividale in a match that has always been conducted from the start and which saw only one team on the field in the second half (49-15 on score of the second period). For Vis this is the fifth success in the last six league games, the fourth in a row.

Coach Musiello finally has all the personnel he can deploy on the field and so the initial choice falls on a quintet made up of Passudetti, Bagnarol, Bertuzzi, Gallizia and Gaspardo.

Bertuzzi’s suspension shot scores a lot at the start of the match, giving Vis the 10-8 after 3 minutes of play. I extend Vis with Passudetti and Gallizia (16-10) while the average shooting starts to get dirty and then coach Musiello puts both the former Bastianutto and Bianchini on the change cube with the home center immediately protagonist. At first the ex Rucker and Caorle scores from the paint in half hook, then the assist is needed for Bastianutto who hits from the arc: 21-11 after 7′. Andrea Bardini also enters the field and thus makes his debut after the long stop and a preparation aimed at recovering from the ankle injury and it is his free kick that closes the first period on 22-13.

Pleasant match with a series of heavy baskets between Bastianutto and Balladino while Bianchini still scores from the center of the area: 27-21. The attacks get jammed (29-25 in the middle of the second quarter) and so coach Musiello calls time-out. Gallizia and Bagnarol for 33-27 so it’s a hand from Passudetti to close the first half on 38-29 in favor of the home team.

Vis bubbly in the second half with the defense still the protagonist together with an attack that hurts when it accelerates: 57-42 with 10′ from the end with Cividale in great difficulty and which fades away on the pitch minute after minute.

Last period where Vis completely splits the match with a terrible run of 16-2 in the first 3 and a half minutes (73-44) which expands further, almost doubling the team from Cividale.

This is how the first round ends with a flourish for Vis and now the appointment is for next Saturday when Spilimbergo’s Basket Day will stage the derby against Libertas San Daniele.

VIS Spilimbergo vs 87-44 (22-13, 38-29, 57-42)

VIS Spilimbergo: Bardini 7, Bertuzzi 2, Zomero 8, Passudetti 8, Bastianutto 8, Ballaben, Bagnarol 13, Gallizia 14, Gaspardo 9, Trevisan 11, Sovran, Bianchini 6. All. Musiello.

Assigiffoni Cividale: Stefanovic 2, Balladino 10, Urbanetti, Petronio 10, Zuccolo, Gasparini 10, Roseano, Barel 6, Castenetto 6, D ‘ Onofrio ne, Balde 4. All.

Referees: Sabbadini and Pittalis from Udine.

Notes – Spilimbergo: TL 8/14; 3pt: 9/23 (Bagnarol 3; Bardini 2; Bastianutto, Gaspardo, Gallizia, Trevisan 1). Cividale: TL 12/14; 3pt: 4/15 (Petronius, Palladino 2).

Phew. Vis Spilimbergo print



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