Jurgen Klopp rules out Liverpool retirement

Jürgen Klopp has ruled out a voluntary withdrawal given Liverpool FC’s ongoing earnings crisis. There will either be changes in the position of team manager, “or many other things will change,” he said before the third round second leg in the FA Cup on Tuesday evening (8.45 p.m., live on DAZN) against Wolverhampton Wanderers, but at the same time emphasized: “As far as I’m concerned, I won’t go unless someone tells me to.”

Klopp said there might come a point where we need to change things, but now is not the time. “It’s something for the future. Like in summer or whatever.” The 55-year-old added that he would have time to think about the changes, but first of all it was about “that we play football better”. Klopp’s contract runs until 2026.

“It’s just not the case”

Liverpool is currently only ninth in the Premier League, ten points separate the Reds from fourth place and thus the Champions League places. The problems are “complex,” said Klopp, given the constitution, some of which were long-standing regulars.

Change would make sense if underperforming players could be easily replaced. However, if no new player is available, “you can’t take anyone out either. That’s the situation.”

Klopp also contradicted assumptions that he could no longer reach some of the long-standing regulars. “I haven’t been in a situation like this very often, but I know exactly how it works when things don’t go your way,” he said. A whole range of things also means that the players no longer listen to the coach. “In Germany we say that the coach can no longer reach the team. So I understand that sometimes it seems that way, but it just isn’t the case. You can cross that off the list.”



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