In Castelluccia they exchange car plates, enormous inconvenience for the owners

Published: Wednesday, 25 January 2023 – news editorial staff

MARINO (chronicle) – We would find ourselves faced with a real round of number plates – ​​exclusive content

A big inconvenience for car owners. The novelty, which is not so much novelty, concerns the number plates of parked cars being removed and replace with another.

It happens in the Marinese fraction of Castelluccia.

Whether it’s a simple “spite”, vandalism or criminal actions is still too early to say.

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What is certain is that when a car owner upon his arrival realized that the license plate on the car was different from the one that had always been there, he was amazed.

Therefore, a non-his license plate had been mounted on the car which, at the time of registration report to the policethe owner was able to come from another car for which a complaint had already been filed in recent days.

angelilli banner ilmamilioA great inconvenience for motorists forced to redo the license plate or even proceed with an expensive one re-registration of your cars.

Furthermore, the treasonous actions were allegedly carried out in broad daylight, in an area in any case protected from the sight of prying eyes.

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