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Bayern finally has a new number 1!

After weeks of searching and transfer poker, the transfer of Yann Sommer (34) was made clear on Thursday, the goalkeeper is moving from Gladbach to Bayern for 8 plus 1.5 million transfer fee as a replacement for the injured Manuel Neuer (36/broken leg), signed until 2025. And will be in the Bayern box for the first time today in Leipzig.

Air show on training ground Summer’s first Bayern parades in the VIDEO

Bayern are super happy, boss Oliver Kahn (53) says: “Yann Sommer is a valuable reinforcement for us because he has a lot of international experience and has also known the Bundesliga for many years. He has everything he needs to be with us immediately to be able to contribute his part to the success. We are sure that we can achieve our goals with Yann Sommer.”

A Bayern legend strongly criticizes the change – for a very specific reason! Sepp Maier (78) says to BILD: “I cannot understand why the campus was built for X million for the youngsters and then they are not able to bring in a good young goalkeeper for the first team. It shouldn’t be the case that the youth team plays in the 4th league, that’s something you should take care of and don’t always buy the best players from other clubs. There’s nothing wrong with having enough money. But that’s not the point of a junior campus.”

In fact, Maier addresses a sore point in Bavaria: The campus was opened in 2017 and cost over 70 million euros. He should ensure that in the future many more of his own talents make their way into the professional team. So far, however, super jewel Jamal Musiala (19) has remained the exception, hardly any of the youngsters make the leap permanently. There is also a lack of courage to throw in the talent for a longer period of time.

Yann Sommer flew for the first time in Bayern training on Thursday

Photo: Twitter/ Bayern Munich

The fact that the second team only plays in the regional league instead of the third league also annoys Bayern, which makes it much more difficult to introduce the talent to professional football.

After all, there were some campus talents again recently in professional training. With Arijon Ibrahimovic (17), Bayern even has another offensive star who is believed to be able to make it to the pros soon. He is also part of the Leipzig squad today.

Especially in the goalkeeper position, there hasn’t been a youngster for ages who turned out to be a serious candidate for Bayern’s goal. Johannes Schenk (19) and Ritzy Hülsmann (18) are currently two young talents among the pros, but the professional goal is still clearly too big for them. In addition, there has been a lot of bad luck with injuries among the keepers in the youth team in recent times.

It’s about summer These TWO Nagelsmann words are very interesting

There was only one big Bayern number 1 from their own offspring anyway: Sepp Maier himself…



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