Fan Pays Millions for 2013 NBA Champion Jersey

But someone else still holds the NBA record

LeBron James: Fan Pays Millions for 2013 Champion Jersey

This is what winning shirts look like

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A worn jersey worn by basketball megastar LeBron James went under the hammer for an unbelievable sum. It’s not the most expensive NBA jersey ever auctioned, but someone still put a few million bucks on the table for it.

Jordan’s camisole almost went for triple

One fan was worth a whopping $3.7 million (approx.3.4 million euros) for the jersey that James wore in the seventh and decisive game of the Miami Heat in the 2013 finals against the San Antonio Spurs (4:3). , to get hold of. It was auctioned by auction house Sotheby’s in New York on Friday.

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Never before has a jersey from the four-time NBA champion earned more. The previous record for an all-star jersey by the 38-year-old was $630,000 from 2020.

What else could you do with 3.4 million euros? A little overview:

  • Pay for eight million kilowatt hours of electricity – and thus cover the average per capita electricity consumption in Germany per year by around 6,000 people
  • Financing a Leopard 2 tank at least in the basic configuration
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  • Give one euro to each of the retirees in Germany who receive less than 500 euros in old-age pension

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